Blaze Pizza debuts White Claw-infused pizza crust

The filtered water used in the pizza dough is replaced with Mango White Claw

Blaze Pizza debuts White Claw-infused pizza crust 2

Blaze Pizza started to serve White Claw at most of its U.S. locations on Thursday, and to promote the addition of the hard seltzer beverage to its menu, the restaurant chain made a special pizza crust infused with Mango White Claw.

Sold at more than 40 of its domestic locations on Thursday at no extra cost, the one-day-only White Claw-infused pizza crust was made by replacing the filtered water used in the pizza dough with the mango flavor of the popular alcoholic drink. A rep for Blaze Pizza told Food & Wine that the sweet smell of fermentation in the dough reminded the chain’s executive chef Brad Kent of the Mango White Claw, giving him the idea that it would be a great water substitute for the dough mix.

Blaze Pizza debuts White Claw-infused pizza crust 3

“Like our pizzas, White Claw is crafted with simple and clean ingredients, and the brand has an irreverent attitude. While sipping on a Mango White Claw, I thought, ‘Why not make dough with this instead of filtered water?’” Chef Kent said. “Turns out, it tastes great! After combining a few of our fresh ingredients, the final recommended topping list offers a balance of spicy and tangy, with a bit of tropical sweetness to balance it out.”

Though customers were free to try the special crust with whatever pizza they wanted, Kent recommended the pineapple-jalapeño-pepperoni mix for the those who were hoping to taste the depth of the Mango White Claw flavor.

Yahoo Finance reporter Heidi Chung, who got the chance to taste the pizza, gave it a 4.8 out of 5 rating. “I know a lot of my New York friends are gonna question that rating system but honestly … the crust is so good with the infused White Claw,” she said. “And I gotta say it might not be a permanent item right now but I think a lot of people are gonna hope that it is.”

While there’s no official word yet, a spokesperson for Blaze Pizza said that given the enthusiasm for the White Claw-infused pizza crust “we may look to bring it back again this summer at additional locations.”

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