Quell’s 2.0, the pain relief wearable, is now more powerful thanks to AI

It’s touted as 50% smaller and 20% more powerful than the original

Quell's 2.0, the pain relief wearable, is now more powerful thanks to AI 2

The maker of the pain relief wearable known as Quell is back with a newly updated device set to be unveiled this week at CES 2019.

Called Quell 2.0, this FDA-approved, Class II medical device is a drug-free, prescription strength pain management system that’s been clinically proven to relieve chronic pain.

Based on transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), Quell is a flexible, credit card sized device that straps to your leg – just below your knee. According to the company, the device uses proprietary neurostimulation technology to send minute electrical pulses to the brain. Once received, the brain responds by sending out pain blocking signals to the body’s central nervous system.

After the device is properly positioned, the user can hop on the Quell Relief App to choose an appropriate therapy option.

Quell's 2.0, the pain relief wearable, is now more powerful thanks to AI 3

All new in Quell 2.0 is the Intensive Therapy mode, a 15-minute session that delivers more intense, faster-acting pulses than the standard setting. The company has also implemented machine learning algorithms that consider a person’s health, pain levels, and demographics to develop a more personalized treatment plan.

Featuring a 25-hour battery, Quell is cleared to be worn during your waking hours or at nighttime, depending on your specific needs. And since it’s made from lightweight, breathable fabric, the device can be worn comfortably and discreetly underneath your clothing.

If you’re a bit skeptical, perhaps you can take solace in the fact that Quell was named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree. More promising, the Journal of Pain Research once published a study that reported the device helped 4 out of 5 users remedy their pain.

The group behind the device is expected to announce a price and release date soon.

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