PowerPort Cube is a clever power strip that’s perfect for tight spaces

It’s also ideal for travelers

It’s no secret, we’re huge fans of Anker. Though the company is just a few years old, they’ve already established a reputation for developing top-notch products. The company’s PowerPort Cube is no exception. Touted as a “one-for-all” outlet, the PowerPort Cube is a 2.5-inch space-saving power strip designed for on-the-go workers.

Created with travelers in mind, the PowerPort Cube supplies (3) 1250W / 125V AC ports and (3) 18W / 5V – 3.6A USB ports, making it perfect for charging multiple laptops, tablets, and smartphones – all at once.

And since it’s engineered by Anker, we can all rest assured that it adheres to industry safety standards and won’t cause undue harm to our expensive devices.

At present, the PowerPort Cube is selling on Amazon for just $26.

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