Both Mattel and Hasbro have come out with poop focused games for 2018

Poop is so trendy that it took over Toy Fair

You could easily argue that unicorns dominated 2017, but you might be taken aback by who – or what, is taking over in 2018. Holy !@#$, it’s poop.

You can blame it all on the adorable pile of poo emoji, because as a result, playing with poop is no longer that taboo.

Both Hasbro and Mattel had their own version of poop games to show off at Toy Fair this past weekend.

Hasbro’s “Don’t Step In It” is a non digital game along the lines of Twister. Players get blindfolded, with the object of the game being not to step on any of the poops littered along the mat.

Hasbro Don't Step In It
Hasbro’s Don’t Step In It

Meanwhile, Mattel’s Flushin Frenzy features a miniature toilet that comes complete with a plunger. The object of the game? To get the poop to fly out of the toilet, catch it, and collect tokens. Mattel’s Flushin Frenzy will be available in the fall for $19.99.

You can’t make this $hit up.

Update 8/29/18: Flushin Frenzy is now available to purchase.

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