Pizza Hut is finally selling single slices

Pizza Hut introduces Melts, a calzone-like meal featuring two folded-over slices of pizza

A hand holding a slice of Pizza Hut Melts

Pizza Hut has unveiled a new dish specifically designed for pizza lovers who love to go solo.

On Tuesday, the pizza chain officially entered the handheld, on-the-go food category with the launch of its newest innovative offering called Pizza Hut Melts.

What is Pizza Hut Melts?

A single order of Pizza Hut Melts consists of two folded-over slices of the chain’s Thin N’ Crispy Pizza. Complemented with a dipping sauce, the calzone-like meal is loaded with an abundance of toppings and cheese, and is baked to melty perfection. Perfect for a quick savory snack, lunch, or on-the-go dinner, the new menu offering was intended for a pizza party of one, giving guests the option to enjoy the delicious taste of pizza without having to order a whole pie.

“We like to say – pizza is for WE, Melts are for ME because sometimes you want the delicious taste of pizza all for yourself without having to order and share an entire pie,” said Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut, in a press release announcing the new menu item. “With Melts, now there’s a new way to get the bold flavors of your favorite pizza – or what you might get on your favorite sandwich – just for you, whenever and wherever you want.”

Pizza Hut Melts' four different recipes

Pizza Hut Melts are available in four different recipes:

  1. Pepperoni Lover’s served with marinara dipping sauce
  2. Buffalo Chicken served with buffalo dipping sauce and ranch dipping sauce
  3. Chicken Bacon Parmesan served with ranch dipping sauce
  4. Meat Lover’s served with marinara dipping sauce

How much does Pizza Hut Melts cost?

The new menu item costs $6.99 per order and is now available at participating Pizza Hut restaurants across the United States.

Pizza Hut Melts sweepstakes

Pizza Hut Melts and copies of MDA (Melts Disclosure Agreement)

Dedicated to creating a pizza dish crafted specifically for an individual to enjoy, the chain is paying customers not to post photos of Melts on social media because they are strictly not for sharing. Through online sweepstakes, the company is awarding 250 lucky fans with a $100 e-gift card each if they sign an “MDA” (Melts Disclosure Agreement), agreeing that they will not share images of the chain’s new offering online. Sign the MDA on for a chance to be one of the winners. You can also see the official rules here.

Is this the first time Pizza Hut has sold single slices?

According to CNN, the chain experimented with selling single slices in 2014. Unfortunately, the concept didn’t expand beyond the test at just a few locations at the time. The idea appears to have been abandoned for several years, as the pizzeria has found more success in introducing new pizza toppings and crust varieties.

🚨🍕 New Pizza Hut Melts - Meat Lover
Source: Pizza Hut, CNN
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