A Palm phone is making a comeback as a tiny Android device

Everything old is new again in 2018

Remember the PalmPilot? Of course, you do! It was the gaming-changing mobile PDA that paved the way for modern smartphones. Well, after a hiatus, the brand may be back with yet another mobile invention that goes against the grain. Whereas most manufacturers seem to be increasing the size of their devices, Palm – now owned by HP – is looking to make a comeback with a miniature smartphone.

Given the codename ‘Pepito’, this tiny little device is the antithesis of the modern smartphone, most of which no longer fit comfortably in your pocket.

To use an old cliche, “big things come in small packages,” and that couldn’t be any truer when it comes to Palm’s latest device. The phone features a 3.3-inch screen, it comes running on a Snapdragon 435 processor from Snapdragon, along with 32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, and it runs that latest version of Android Oreo.

According to Android Police, the phone doesn’t feature a headphone jack, however, customers will have two color options: gold and titanium. Also, their reporting says the phone will be available through Verizon. However, when it comes to pricing and a release date, we’re still unsure.

Some say Pepito is ‘cute’, others say it’s ‘weird’, regardless of where you fall, it’s certainly one of the most unique devices to hit the U.S. markets in many years. Perhaps the good people at Palm are on to something.