Eufy SmartDrop is a smart package lock box with a built-in camera

It has a built-in security camera and motion detection sensors

We’ve seen those stories and videos on the internet about packages being mishandled, misplaced, or worse, stolen right off your front porch. Even with a security camera installed, you may end up never receiving your package and that’s certainly something no one wants to happen. But technology has been giving way to solve problems just like this one and that’s what consumer electronics brand Eufy did with their newest product, the SmartDrop.

By combining the durability of a classic mailbox, reliable features of a smart lock security camera, the SmartDrop mailbox is the company’s solution for safe and secure deliveries. It’s equipped with an on-device AI, 1080p camera, facial and motion detection sensors, a keypad for PIN code input, and even communication features so you can live stream to your courier should there be any issues.

It’s fool-proof and easy to use, too. If empty, the SmartDrop opens with a push of a button so couriers can place the package in the 68L large capacity storage. Once inside, the device will lock to keep the package safe. More packages can be added to the SmartDrop but couriers will have to input the courier code which users can generate and provide. Should there be an emergency, SmartDrop can also be unlocked traditionally with a key.

In addition to ease of use, SmartDrop hosts a number of security features including anti-theft, delivery notification and video through a companion app, and two-way audio. It’s also made of cold-rolled carbon steel, is weather-resistant, and can be bolted down for extra security.

Eufy’s SmartDrop is currently being funded on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its $50,000 goal. The expected retail price is at $299 but Eufy is offering it at $149 for a super early bird pledge on its crowdfunding page.