OnePlus promises 4 Android version updates for future phones

The company will also offer 5 years of security patches

OnePlus OxygenOS 13

OnePlus has announced that it will offer four generations of its operating system updates (OxygenOS), along with five years of security patches on “selected” devices that it will release starting in 2023. This makes OnePlus match Samsung for the longest updates plans for an Android smartphone.

At a London event, OnePlus also announced various new features that will accompany its upcoming OxygenOS 13. The company said that the new operating system is designed to curb the excesses of an “Always On” society.

With OxygenOS 13, OnePlus says it will provide users with more privacy features to protect their data, features that ensure users’ digital health and well-being, and accessibility features to increase ease of use for people with disabilities, the latter of which is something that Apple has been focusing on heavily lately.

AI System Booster

The new “AI System Booster” for OxygenOS 13 will allow users to have multiple applications open at once without experiencing any lag.

According to the company, the “AI System Booster” will enable OnePlus devices to achieve 30% higher fluency rates, 20% faster app installation, and 10% faster app start-up speed compared to devices running previous versions of OxygenOS.

Private Safe 2.0

The Private Safe 2.0 feature is said to be designed to ensure safe data sharing.  OnePlus gave an example using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In the example given, the “Auto Pixelate” feature requests permission from the user to automatically mosaic private information to prevent data leaks.

Always-On Display

In addition to allowing users to view the time, date, and other notifications when the screen is turned off, OnePlus revealed that its new “dynamic Always-On Display (AOD)” feature will detect changes in temperature in the environment and modify background images of the habitats of animals.

The modification will reflect how environmental changes affect wildlife. It appears to be a move by OnePlus to advance discussions around climate change.

The company also announced a “first”. OnePlus claims that it partnered with Spotify to offer access to Spotify music on its Always-On Display. It claims to be the first to have done this and announced that both companies will continue to develop the feature.

Spatial Audio Technology

OnePlus claims its partnerships with Google and Dolby strengthen the integration of its Spatial Audio Technology with Android and Dolby Atmos. The partnerships allow it to offer users an improved spatial audio solution that supports multichannel and dual-channel audio content.

Aquamorphic Design

OxygenOS 13 will continue to follow its “aquamorphic design” philosophy, which simply means the design is inspired by the calming and simplistic qualities of water. That said, OxygenOS 13 will differ in that it will feature more vibrant and neutral colors than previous versions.

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Availability

OnePlus announced that OxygenOS 13.1 will launch globally in the first half of 2023.

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