NFT keychains could be the next big thing

This new keychain can show off your NFTs in the real world

NFT keychains

Artifact Technology aims to bring NFTs into the real world through the first-ever physical NFT keychain. Working alongside the Artifact Marketplace App, the keychain will be able to display and advertise NFT projects on a little screen.

NFTs are all the rage right now with all sorts of exclusive artwork popping up left and right. NFT collectors have also been active and on the hunt for their next prized possession. But sadly, these purchases have been confined to the digital space with collectors and artists showing off their NFTs in online galleries.

Artifact Technology NFT keychains

The keychain is able to project JPEG, GIF, and MP4 files and has a secure Web3 wallet verification process, and is also password-protected so users can be assured of the safety of their prized purchases. Each keychain is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled and offers secure access to different NFT marketplaces such as Opensea and Rariable.

A limited pre-sale is happening in November for these NFT keychains but an exact date has yet to be announced.

Artifact will also be making an appearance at NFT NYC happening this first week of November where users can take a look at the new device in person.

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