A new Mystery Oreo flavor will hit the shelves later this summer

The cookie brand has released a poem confirming the return of the Mystery Oreos.

Mystery Oreo

Oreo is set for a new round of guessing game with fans.

The sandwich cookie brand announced last week that a new Mystery Oreo flavor is on the way. Rumors that Mystery Oreos are coming back were heard by online reviewer Best Products, and to clarify the hearsays, Best Products reached out to a rep for the brand, who subsequently confirmed the news.

“For now, all we can share is a confirmation that a new mystery flavor is, in fact, coming,” the rep told Best Products.

Though the new Mystery Oreo flavor has yet to hit the shelves, Oreo has already released a poem of sort, encouraging all cookie lovers to start guessing the new mystery flavor.

It reads: “We are excited to say, a new mystery is on the way. New flavor, new clues, we confirm the news. Get ready to free your inner detective, you’ll need those skills to be effective. The clues might be riddles, might be rhymes, guess the flavor, for a change to win big this time. There are many more surprises in store, keep an eye on the flip side of summer for more.”

While Oreo has yet to announce a release date for the new Mystery Oreos, the last line of the poem suggests that it will roll out to stores later this summer.

The first ever Mystery Oreo flavor was released in the summer of 2017. In December of that year, Oreo revealed that the mystery flavor was Fruity Pebbles. Many people guessed it correctly, so fans are expecting for a more creative and more unexpected Mystery Oreo flavor this year.

Fans that got the correct flavor in the first Mystery Oreo guessing game were given a chance to win $50,000, so it’s likely that the cookie brand will also give away prize money for lucky fans that would guess the correct Mystery Oreo flavor this year.

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