myFlipShade is pretty much a sun hat for your phone

Because your phone is so cool, it’s gotta wear shades


myFlipShade is both the silliest and smartest smartphone accessory we’ve ever come across. It’s essentially a pop-up shield that attaches to your phone and prevents glare, while also preventing peeping toms from seeing your screen.

Let’s face it – sunlight is like Kryptonite for your phone. Sure, there are phones like the LG G7 ThinQ which offer super bright displays that can handle direct sunlight better than others, but nothing beats the shade – and myFlipShade brings the shade to your phone. You’ll never have to squint or cover your eyes while watching an Instagram story again.


But not only does FlipShade offer the benefit of blocking the sunlight – it also doubles as a privacy shield to keep prying eyes from looking at whats on your screen, and it can be used as a phone stand.

“The glare from the sun on my smartphone always bothered me and I thought there had to be a fun simple way to solve this,” said myFlipShade creator Julie Pickens. “After creating the myFlipShade prototype and using it, I realized there are so many benefits. Not only was I done squinting at my screen, I didn’t have to worry about people looking over my shoulder at my phone anymore.”

myFlipShade comes in a selection of colors and different fun patterns. It retails for just $9.99. But being able to use your smartphone when it’s sunny outside? That’s priceless.

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