MOFT Z is the world’s first portable standing desk

Studies have found that employees with sit-stand desks are generally more productive

MOFT Z is the world's first portable standing desk 3

The pains of sitting at a desk for too long is far too real for the modern worker. And while some may opt for standing desks, it hasn’t been an option for those who are always traveling and often don’t have access to a typical office setup. With these people in mind, MOFT Inc. has crafted a solution to bring the benefits of a standing desk to the modern-day, on-the-go, worker with the world’s first invisible sit-stand mobile desk, MOFT Z.

The MOFT Z is an extension of their original invisible laptop stand, MOFT, and it’s currently available on Kickstarter. It’s is fitted with a “golden z” design structure which makes it easy to switch from sitting to standing on the fly. With a max height of 10 inches, it makes for a perfect standing desk for just about anybody. Additionally, the MOFT Z can be adjusted in a number of different ways to suit the needs of the user. Setting it up at a 25-degree angle will make it perfect for typing out documents or reports, or even just casually browsing the web. The 45-degree angle provides a space for peripherals such as an external keyboard and mouse to create a mini working station. Lastly, the MOFT Z can set at 60-degrees which is an ideal angle for reading, writing down notes, or drawing with a tablet.

MOFT Z is the world's first portable standing desk 4

One of the key design aspects of the MOFT Z is its portability. Much like the original, it boasts of an origami folding design that collapses the MOFT Z to the width of a magazine or really thin book. With that, it can be easily inserted into a backpack, purse, or even simply slipped under the arm to carry around. Made with durable PU leather and fiberglass material, it can withstand a weight of up to 22 pounds so even the heaviest of laptops can be supported.

MOFT Z is the world's first portable standing desk 5

The MOFT Z is available today as part of a Kickstarter campaign with the early bird price set to $49. It comes it a range of colors including red, orange, turquoise, and blue.

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