McDonald’s is now offering a popular Taco Bell item

The McDonald’s Nachos have been added to the fast-food chain’s menu

McDonald's nachos

Nachos, a fan-favorite Taco Bell item, has arrived on McDonald’s menu.

The fast-food giant added nachos and an entire lineup of food items built around Tex-Mex favorites to its menu in Spain last week.

According to the McDonald’s Spain website, the McDonald’s Nachos are your basic nachos with tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese sauce. It is joined by McShaker Fries and the new Grand McExtreme Nachos Burger. All three items are only available for a limited time.

McShaker Fries feature McDonald’s signature fries served with a packet of cheese seasoning and a bag so customers can combine and shake them to distribute the seasoning. The Grand McExtreme Nachos Burger, meanwhile, features a grilled beef patty, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, tortilla chips, nacho cheese sauce, and onions on a toasted bun. A Grand McExtreme Nachos Burger with two grilled beef patties is also part of the lineup.

McDonald’s is now offering a popular Taco Bell item 2

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has added a Tex-Mex item to its menu. According to Eat This, Not That, the chain launched its own version of fajitas back in 1993. McDonald’s fajitas included chicken, cheese, red and green bell peppers, and diced onions in a flour tortilla, with mild and spicy Picante sauce packets available upon request. Though McDonald’s claimed one bite of their chicken fajitas was like “a taste of Mexico… without the sunburn,” the item didn’t last long on the menu.

Website The Street noted that Nachos might be a better fit for McDonald’s than fajitas, as the former requires less prep and only has two ingredients: nacho chips and nacho cheese sauce. Both ingredients are also very versatile, as the nacho chips and the nacho cheese sauce go very well with burgers and fries.

Will the McDonald’s Nachos be available in the U.S.?

While it’s unclear whether the McDonald’s Nachos will make their way to the U.S., there’s always a possibility for Americans to get a taste of the chain’s take on the popular Taco Bell item, especially if it did well during its initial run in Spain.

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