Master & Dynamic MW07 review: The best sounding true wireless earbuds

Beauty and excellent sound quality come at a cost.

Master & Dynamic MW07 review
Bottom Line
Master & Dynamic MW07 truly wireless earbuds offer phenomenal sound quality and aesthetics, but these swanky earbuds still don't have it all, especially for $299.
Beautiful design
Phenomenal audio
Many fit options
USB-C charging
7 unique finishes
Easy to use controls
Mediocre call quality
Difficulties keeping them in-ear when on the move

Master & Dynamic MW07 are hands-down the sexiest looking true wireless buds, but they’re not just about good looks — they’ve got incredible sound quality going for them too. Inside of the beautiful hand-polished stainless steel mirrored charging case you’ll find true wireless earbuds with one of the most unique finishes you’ve seen on a pair of headphones. MW07 are an impressive engineering feat and have most of the features you’d expect from true wireless headphones. Read on to see how they compare with other premium true wireless headphones.


Master & Dynamic MW07 review: The best sounding true wireless earbuds 2
The MW07s are a bit on the large side, but they manage to be relatively lightweight

Aside from a strong brand name, the most notable aspect of MW07 is their unique design and incredible finishes. The acetate finishes range from white marble to grey terrazzo to tortoiseshell, and there are several solid color finishes. The finish covers the whole outside of the bud, or everything that can be seen if you’re wearing them.

The snazzy-looking buds are complemented by their picture-perfect mirrored stainless steel charging case. It’s a minimalistic case with a three LED battery meter on the front and a USB-C port on the back. It’s very easy to pocket, though it has a bit of heft to it.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Master & Dynamic MW07 review: The best sounding true wireless earbuds 3
There are plenty of eartips included with the MW07s

The buds are a bit larger than many other truly wireless buds we’ve tested, but they’re lightweight at 9 grams each. They come with standard silicon ear-tips, and there are 5 different sizes to choose from. They also come with two silicon “fit-wings” that are designed to help keep the buds in-ear. You’re supposed to twist the bud in-ear so the fit wing locks under your ear ridge. I personally wasn’t able to find a fit that would stay in during any sort of walking or movement — though this is not uncommon for me. If you usually require things like ear hooks, loops, or stabilizers to keep buds from falling out these may not work for you. Thankfully there’s a bunch of fit options to work with.

Master & Dynamic MW07 review: The best sounding true wireless earbuds 4

Since MW07 look so fancy, you wouldn’t expect them to be capable of withstanding water or sweat, but they do — they’re IPX 4 splash proof. If they’ll stay in your ears they’re great gym headphones, especially with their solid 20-meter connectivity range.


The built-in buttons on MW07 are better than most. There’s nothing complicated and you can easily control your music, volume, phone calls, and voice assistant. There are two volume buttons on one bud and a single multi-function button on the other. Since the buds turn on when you remove them from the case that’s one less button to worry about. There’s even a built-in sensor to automatically play music when both buds are in-ear and pause music when one bud is removed.

Call Quality

There’s a built-in microphone for making and taking phone calls. The microphone is fine for phone calls in quiet environments but doesn’t do much to protect against ambient noise. It gets the job done but if you’re looking for something better, Apple’s new headphones have beamforming microphones and tech to focus on your voice and filter out noise.

Battery Life

Master & Dynamic MW07 review: The best sounding true wireless earbuds 5
The MW07’s charging case adds an additional 11 hours of battery life

The battery life of the MW07 earbuds is just 3.5 hours, which is unfortunately pretty standard for true wireless. The case adds an additional 3 charges, so 14 hours total if the buds and case are both fully charged. By comparison, Apple’s Airpods are on the higher side of true wireless batteries, offering 5 hours and 24 hours total with their case. Of course, you can only charge the MW07 buds through the case, and we were happy to see the case charges via USB-C. The MW07’s come with a USB-C to USB-C cable plus an adapter to USB-A.

Sound Quality

There’s a large 10mm beryllium driver in these buds which can crank out some serious audio. MW07 sound better than most wireless earbuds and their audio quality blows every true wireless bud we’ve tested out of the water. We are extremely impressed, to say the least. They produce very clear and rich audio on a pretty wide sound stage. The bass can get real deep and punchy and has a very natural warmth to it. Music is incredibly detailed with a lot of vibrancy and life. They’re very fun to listen and there’s good noise isolation for loud environments. They’re well balanced and kind to pretty much any genre. I can’t think of a pair of in-ear headphones that sound quite as detailed or vibrant, and they’re leaps ahead of AirPods or Apple’s PowerBeats Pro totally wireless for audio quality.

Bottom Line

All in all, our review of Master and Dynamic MW07 true wireless earbuds is somewhat bittersweet. We absolutely love how they sound (and look), but we can only comfortably listen to them if we’re stationary, otherwise, they fall out of our ears. The other pill to swallow is the $299 price tag. With that said, these are by all means a premium pair of buds and if you’re looking for true wireless earbuds with the best possible audio experience, they’re hard to beat.

Master & Dynamic MW07 headphones are currently available in 7 epic finishes from Amazon for $292. If you buy them directly from Master & Dynamic, you can monogram the case for an additional $30.

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