iFrogz AIRTIME Sport truly wireless earbuds review: These affordable gym earbuds sound fantastic

The iFrogz Airtime Sports are great affordable gym headphones and everyday headphones… if they fit you well

iFrogz AIRTIME Sport truly wireless earbuds review
Bottom Line

iFrogz Airtime Sports truly wireless earbuds are a fantastic sounding pair of budget-friendly headphones that are also great for the gym - as long as you don't have large ears.

Clear and detailed audio quality
Well priced
Wireless and USB-C charging
5-hour battery + 25 hours with charging case
Quick charge
IPX-5 Water resistance
Memory foam eartips included
Super lightweight
May not fit large ears
Bulky white charging case wears quickly
Single touch button can be frustrating to use
Microphone quality is subpar
Light on bass

iFrogz Airtime Sports headphones are an ultra-lightweight pair of true wireless earbuds with a built-in ear hook. As you may expect from iFrogz, they’re among the most affordable headphones of their type. They feature Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C and wireless charging, IPX-5 waterproofing, and a charging case capable of giving 25 hours of charge. They’re incredible headphones on paper, but there are a few catches you should know about.

These buds are surprisingly light; they weigh just 2.8oz and still feel pretty durable. There’s a built-in silicon ear hook that wraps around your ear so they’ll never fall out. This feature was what I was most excited about but most disappointed by. The hook is on the smaller side and while it fits around my bigger ears, it keeps me from getting a good fit. They don’t fall off my ears, but the buds don’t stay in-ear when I’m moving around. There’s a pair of memory foam eartips that help a lot with the fit, but they don’t work for me at the gym. Additionally, there are three sizes of silicone ear-tips. Regardless of the fit, they happen to be extremely comfortable and natural feeling considering how light and soft they are.

Both the buds and case are very clean and simple looking. Our model is entirely matte white, including the silicon eartips. There’s not even any buttons on the case or buds, though each bud has a single touch button on their end-caps. They’re simple to use – just take them out of the case to power them on and put them back into power them off. The touch buttons can control almost everything, though we’re not so fond of press-and-hold functions. You can control music, calls, volume, and voice activation. While you can do everything with the touch buttons, we only used the single tap to pause and play and used our phone for everything else. Expect to accidentally play/pause music every time you put them on or adjust them.

The charging case is not the smallest for true wireless buds, but it’s also not the biggest. It fits in your pocket, which is what matters… but mind the bulge. We love the charging options — it charges with USB-C or a standard Qi wireless charger. There’s an included USB-C to standard USB-A cable so you can charge with any standard USB port or charger. The case can give the buds an extra 4 full charges for a total of 25 hours. The buds themselves are supposed to last 5 hours which is a lot considering their size and weight. There’s a quick charge feature that gives the buds an hour of playtime with just 10 minutes in the case.

For affordable gym headphones, these iFrogz sound fantastic. Just make sure you choose the right tips and find a good fit. There’s great definition and clarity. They’re light on bass, and on the flatter side, but the overall sound experience is still pleasing and easy on the ears. There are built-in microphones for taking phone calls. It’s just okay. The microphone won’t sound nearly as good as just talking through your phone’s earpiece, or even Apple’s stock headphones. They’re fine for making personal calls, but you’d probably prefer something higher quality for professional calls.

Bottom line

The iFrogz Airtime Sports should be the ultimate affordable gym headphones and everyday headphones… if they fit you well. The ear-hook will keep them from ever falling off your ears, they’re IPX-5 water/sweat resistant, the battery and charging options are incredible, they’re extremely lightweight and comfortable, and they look good. The mediocre microphone, complicated touch controls, and bulky charging were minor drawbacks for us. Pricing in at just $79.99, we’d highly recommend these headphones – if you don’t have large ears. iFrogz Airtime Sport True Wireless earbuds are available in a choice of black, white, blue, or mint colors.

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