Lynxsonic headphones swap round ear cups for ones shaped like ears

Lynxsonic is looking to shake up the market with its noise-canceling wireless headphones

Lynxsonic – an up-and-coming headphone manufacturer – is looking to shake up the industry with its all-new “Lynxsonic 4:33’” line of noise-canceling wireless headphones.

On the audio front, the 4:33’ boasts a 40mm driver that outputs deep, gurgling bass, as well as crystal clear highs. However, despite the merit of the driver, wireless headphones are notoriously bad when it comes to sound quality because of lackluster connections. So, to avoid such headaches, the team at Lynxsonic decided to use Bluetooth 5 technology to connect to your device. The company says, choosing Bluetooth 5 preserves the quality of the original source, perfectly replicating audio up to 24 bits without a hint of degradation.

When it comes to noise-cancellation, Lynxsonic says its headphone will block anything above 36db. Because of this, the company says the 4:33’ will allow you to ride planes, buses, and even noisy trains without hearing a peep of outside noise. What’s more, each ear cup is fashioned from leather-wrapped memory foam, meaning owners can wear the headphones during lengthy commutes without issue.

As opposed to being round, the earcups have been designed to actually mirror the shape of a human ear. It’s kind of crazy that no manufacturers are really doing that! But perhaps more impressive, the outside of the right ear cup is touch sensitive. By swiping up, down, left, or right, owners can control the track, volume, and take calls.

In addition, the 4:33’ can share its stream with other headphones, either wired or wireless. To put it simply, with the 4:33’ you can connect up to four pairs of headphones to a single phone, tablet, computer, etc.

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At present, the company is running a Kickstarter campaign where early bird buyers can purchase a standard pair for $169 or a deluxe (featuring wireless charging capability) for $199.