Here’s how to buy Louis Vuitton’s $1000 earbuds for just $300

Here's how to buy Louis Vuitton's $1000 earbuds for just $300 3

It’s 2019 – and wireless earbuds are everywhere. While new companies are popping up left and right, a few have distanced themselves from the pack by designing more appealing, fashion-forward earbuds. One such company is Master & Dynamic, a 5-year-old, New York-based headphone manufacturer known for its premium products.

Last year, the company released its highly regarded (but expensive) MW07 wireless buds. We’ve learned that Master & Dynamic is now planning to re-release an even more expensive pair. This time around, however, they’ll partner with Louis Vuitton.

Here's how to buy Louis Vuitton's $1000 earbuds for just $300 4Despite an astronomical $700 price hike, much of what made the original MW07s special, remains untouched. In essence, buyers will shell out $1000 to purchase a $300 product – all for the privilege of wearing that iconic Louis Vuitton logo.

Perhaps even more interesting, LV is wholly rebranding the headphones, calling them the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones. Again, as noted by The Verge, the only difference is the LV print design. Sonically speaking, the headphones are identical.


Here's how to buy Louis Vuitton's $1000 earbuds for just $300 5

The LV version does ship with a fancier charging case, but even that doesn’t make up for the huge price discrepancy.

So, if you’d like so save yourself a bit of cash, opt for the $300 MW07s over the $1000 Horizon Earphones.

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