Lord of the Rings Geeki Tikis collection includes Gandalf, Frodo and Gollum mugs

These ceramic tumblers are now available for purchase on Toynk

The much-awaited Lord of the Rings Geeki Tikis collection from Beeline Creative is finally here, and it’s comprised of mugs inspired by popular LOTR characters Gandalf, Frodo, and Gollum.

Now available for purchase on Toynk, these tumblers are made from a durable quality ceramic and are built to last. Top-shelf dishwasher- and microwave-safe, these tiki mugs are ideal for bar displays and make great gifts for any LOTR fans.

#1 Gandalf the Grey mug, $26.99

A magical addition to your tiki collection, this Gandalf the Grey mug holds up to 18 ounces of your favorite drink. The beverage container depicts the mighty wizard holding his ever-reliable staff while dressed in his usual set of gray clothes, including his iconic hat. The cup also perfectly captures Gandalf’s bushy moustache and long beard, which have long been part of the legendary character’s signature look.

#2 Frodo Baggins mug, $26.99

If you’re an adventurer like Frodo Baggins, then this tiki mug will be perfect for you. The green tumbler portrays the beloved character dressed in a hooded cloak while carrying a backpack. A closer look to the cup’s front reveals that Frodo is wearing a necklace with the One Ring attached to it. And with Frodo being a hobbit, it isn’t really surprising that his tiki mug is shorter than Gandalf’s and only holds up to 14-ounce of drink.

#3 Gollum mug, $26.99

Featuring the pale and scrawny details that characterize the infamous LOTR character, this Gollum mug will definitely be a standout addition to your tiki collection. Though the shortest in the collection, it ― just like the Frodo Baggins mug ― holds up to 14-ounce of your favorite beverage.

#4 Frodo, Gandalf and Gollum mugs – set of 3, $75.99

If you can’t just choose one or two, then better get them all. This set of three mugs features the complete Lord of the Rings Geeki Tikis collection. Retailing for only $75.99, purchasing this bundle will save you $5 compared to buying the mugs separately.

#5 Frodo and Gollum mini mugs – set of 2, $14.99

With designs identical to their regular-sized counterparts, each of these mini mugs holds 2 ounces of your favorite beverage. Though priced at $14.99, this set of muglets can be yours for free if you spend $100 or more on any product at Toynk.com until May 19th at 12:59 a.m. ET. This gift will automatically show up as free on your cart once you have over $100 of products added.