Mammoth LEGO Home Alone set is back in stock

Celebrate one of the most iconic Christmas films ever with the mammoth LEGO Home Alone set

LEGO Home Alone set back on the shelves
LEGO Home Alone set back on the shelves

LEGO’s Home Alone set has officially returned to stores by popular demand. After getting sold out faster than Kevin McCallister beating the Wet Bandits, it’s back and ready to rock your holidays.

It doesn’t even have to be Christmas for LEGO fans to immerse themselves in the mischievous retro fun that the Home Alone set offers. You’ll find yourself smiling from ear to ear as you build the iconic McCallister residence (in tiny!).

LEGO Home Alone set
LEGO Home Alone set

About the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set

Featuring 3955 pieces and 5 mini-figures, this LEGO set will make you feel like you’re going on an exciting adventure because you’ll be immersed in recreating battles, building new storylines, or reconstructing the movie’s plot.

Some of the best elements that make up this LEGO gem include booby traps scattered across the house, (which Kevin installs during his battle with the Wet Bandits). From the terrifying tarantula and the iron that lands on Marv’s face to Harry’s torched bald head, you can reconstruct the hilarious chaos that ensues in the classic Yuletide film.

You can even recreate the legendary scene where Kevin screams after slapping on some aftershave; because honestly, would it even be a Home Alone LEGO set if this scene weren’t somehow incorporated into the mix?… Of course not!

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LEGO Ideas Home Alone set

Build the iconic McCallister residence and relive the funniest scenes of Home Alone with this marvelous LEGO set.

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Proving that they literally thought of everything, LEGO even designed a tiny zip line for Kevin to make his great escape to the backyard treehouse. In turn, the bandits also have their getaway car complete with a crowbar and police hat.

Finally, you’ll have endless fun with the light brick that illuminates that scary furnace in their basement. If it creeps you out, maybe you can just tell it to “shut up”, just like Kevin does in the movie. It was super effective.

LEGO Home Alone set
LEGO Home Alone set

Can kids play with the LEGO Home Alone set?

No, the LEGO Home Alone set is not designed for kids. It has been designed for people 18 years of age and above.

The price of the LEGO Home Alone set

The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set is priced at $249.99.

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