KFC is giving away free talking Colonel honey bears

Colonel Bear is a new mascot used to promote KFC’s all-new Hot Honey fried chicken

KFC is giving away free talking Colonel honey bears 1

Fast-food chain KFC is turning the beloved Colonel into a bear in order to promote their all-new ‘Hot Honey’ menu item.

In a press release, Bob Das – KFC’s Head Chef – said as summer draws to close “people start to crave the soul-warming, comforting flavors that come with fall, so it’s the perfect time to introduce our new Hot Honey fried chicken.”

The ultra-adorable bear-shaped container, dubbed ’Colonel Bear’, has all of his iconic features from the glasses and goatee to the white suit and walking cane.

According to sources, since KFC reintroduced the Colonel into its marketing in 2015, sales have steadily increased. And given Colonel Bear’s high level of cuteness, I’d reckon said trend will continue.

But the best part? You can apply to “adopt” a colonel bear yourself.

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