Is a Suits reboot from original creator Aaron Korsh in the works?

Is Suits getting a reboot after the show’s newfound success on Netflix?

The main cast members of the original Suits series

The Suits universe is about to get bigger four years after the original series ended in September 2019.

On October 12th, 2023, Deadline reported that a brand-new Suits series is in the works. For the past four months, the legal drama has been the hottest series in all of streaming, breaking a number of viewership records in the process. All nine seasons of Suits arrived on Peacock in September 2022, and when the show’s first eight seasons were added to Netflix in June 2023, the series got an unexpected second life and became an absolute juggernaut. With the show’s newfound success on streaming, it should be no surprise that another Suits series is now in development.

Is Suits going to continue with a season 10?

No, Suits will not continue with a season 10, as the new Suits series will not be a sequel to the original. Deadline also noted that the new show won’t be a revival or a reboot. It won’t also be a direct spinoff like the short-lived 2019 series Pearson.

Instead, sources told Deadline that the new show will be a Suits universe series featuring new characters in a new location, very much in the vein of CSINCIS, and Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise. Deadline reported that Los Angeles is being considered as the backdrop for the workplace drama.

Who is behind the new Suits series?

Sources told Deadline that Suits creator Aaron Korsh is developing the new series for NBCUniversal. Although deals are still being negotiated, the news outlet pointed out that the project is expected to be fast-tracked with a serious commitment.

Universal Content Productions (UCP) – which produced the original Suits series and its spinoff Pearson, and where Korsh was based for several years with back-to-back overall deals – is in talks to produce the new offshoot. Korsh is expected to serve as an executive producer on the new show alongside David Bartis and Doug Liman. Krosh, Bartis, and Liman were all executive producers on the original Suits.

Where to watch the new Suits series

A network or platform for the potential new series has not been announced yet, but the original Suits originally aired on USA Network, before becoming available on streaming platforms Peacock and Netflix.

What is Suits about?

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross in Suits
Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross in Suits

The original Suits series is about Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout with a photographic memory who is hired as an associate lawyer by Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a top lawyer at a prestigious New York City law firm. Despite not having a law degree, Mike is able to convince Harvey that he is the best person for the job.

The series follows Mike and Harvey as they win cases and close deals, while at the same time hiding Mike’s secret. The show also explores the relationships between Mike and the other professionals at the firm, including Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who eventually became the star of the spinoff series Pearson.

Suits is a legal drama with elements of comedy and romance. It is known for its sharp dialogue, fast-paced storylines, and well-developed characters. In addition to the original American series, there have been adaptations of Suits in South Korea and Japan.

Best Moments of Season 1 | Suits

How many Suits seasons are there?

As mentioned above, the original Suits has a total of nine seasons. The first season has 12 episodes. Seasons 2 to 8 have 16 episodes each, and the final season has 10 episodes. It premiered on USA Network on June 23rd, 2011, and concluded on September 25th, 2019.

How did Suits series end?

In the Suits finale, Harvey and the rest of the company carried out a final con to rid themselves of Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby), the vindictive special master assigned to oversee their law firm. Once all that was put to a close, the show’s last episode focused on Louis and Sheila’s (Rachael Harris) wedding, which abruptly ended when Sheila went into labor and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Sheila and Louis' wedding
Sheila and Louis’ wedding

Surprisingly. that wasn’t the only wedding in the finale. While everyone waited to hear from Louis and Sheila, Harvey impulsively and romantically proposed to Donna, and the two of them got married immediately. But as part of the deal to remove Faye from the firm, Harvey decided to leave the firm and move to Seattle, leaving him unable to work with his partner-in-crime Mike, who ended up starting a pro bono law firm with his wife, Rachel.

Donna and Harvey's wedding
Donna and Harvey’s wedding

Also, Louis, Samantha (Katherine Heigl), and Alex (Dulé Hill) decided to make Katrina (Amanda Schull) a named partner and institute a much-needed rule that prevented the firm’s name from changing for five years.

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