IFA’s 2020 conference in Berlin is still happening this year

But it will be split into four major events as a safety precaution

Ifa 2021

Organizers of Europe’s biggest annual tech conference, IFA, has announced that the 3-day live event will be pushing through this fall, September 3rd-5th.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 IFA in Berlin will be adopting a new structure and safety protocols to protect event-goers as well as comply with the local city’s restrictions for hosting a large, live event. It will be one of the first, major, in-person tech events to be held since the pandemic started.

IFA’s new concept focuses largely on the health and safety of all participants and organizers. Created in collaboration with public health authorities in Germany, this year’s IFA will strictly be an invitation-only event and will not be open to the general public. Additionally, the organizers will be imposing a strict limit on the number of attendees during the event.

To further enforce proper social distancing and health precautions, IFA will be divided into four stand-alone events that will house no more than 1,000 participants for each event per day.

One of the four events is the IFA Global Press Conference where around 800 journalists from over 50+ countries are invited. Keynote presentations will be limited to about two or three, with the opening keynote to be delivered by the President of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon. Other keynote presentations will be curated by IFA to decrease the need for more on-site staff and face-to-face interviews with different brand spokespeople will still be arranged.

IFA Next and IFA Shift Mobility will now be combined into a single exclusive live event for the international tech community. IFA Global Markets will also be receiving its own event, making it the first dedicated sourcing show in the world. This live event aims to provide an avenue for suppliers and distributors alike to repair their supply chains that may have been disrupted by the pandemic. The organizers have also decided to retain IFA’s Retail and Meeting lounges but will be, of course, enforcing stricter safety measures.

CEO expert SE, Dr. Stefan Müller says that “As the leading trade show, IFA is the most important communication and innovation platform for experts and the entire industry. Regardless of this year’s event format, we are looking forward to a partnership-based exchange.”

For those who are still interested in the event but cannot or would rather not travel, IFA will also be offerring a virtual experience.