Real-life hologram from Hypervsn is like something out of Star Wars

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! This company has software that can produce holograms from 2D photos

I think we’ll know we’ve officially entered ‘the future’ once holographic tech becomes a staple in our everyday lives. For decades now, lifelike holograms have been one of those few innovations that are “just a decade away.”

At CES 2019, there are a few companies that are looking to help usher in the age of the hologram, however, Hypervsn seems poised to lead the pack.

This week, the company unveiled a number of hologram-based products aimed at both businesses and consumers. Of the lot, the London-based company is really pushing its newly improved Solo L device – as well as its hologram creation software.

The 75cm Solo L is now 33% bigger than its 56cm predecessor. According to Hypervsn, the size increase allows the Solo L to display 3D holograms that are a whopping 80% larger than the 56cm edition. Projecting visuals at 30fps, the secret behind the Solo L is its fast-spinning, LED-lined rotors that produce colorful 3D holograms that are ideal for digital displays and interactive entertainment.

One of the major pitfalls involved with currently hologram technology is the rather limited (and overly expensive) content creation process. Hypervsn is hoping to lower barrier to entry by developing user-friendly software that customers can use to create graphics for the display.

In addition to creating 3D holograms from 2D images, Hypervsn’s 3D Studio software arrives preloaded with a wealth of content, much of which can be customized to fit users’ specific needs.

While the company’s 56cm version is already available, we’ve yet to confirm details regarding its latest version.

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