Huawei’s Watch Fit takes design cues from the Apple Watch

Huawei has also added over 100 workout modes to the Huawei Watch GT Pro 2

Two new wearables have just been announced by Huawei – the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro and launched alongside it is the company’s first-ever smart sports watch sporting a rectangular face, the Huawei Watch Fit.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

The Watch GT Pro 2’s face is built with sapphire for a harder, more durable, and scratch-resistant display. The frame itself is made of titanium which means the whole device is able to endure outdoor activities with ease.

It sports a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD display with a resolution of 454×454 and it weighs just 52g. The device also offers custom watch faces with over 200 designs to choose from. With the Huawei Share OneHop Watch Face, users will be able to quickly transfer images from their gallery to their watch face by simply tapping on the device’s screen. Additional information such as tide times, constellation, and moon phases can also be displayed.

Huawei added over 100 workout modes to the Huawei Watch GT Pro 2 which includes new sport modes such as skiing, snowboarding, and even golf driving range to really capture the different personalities of every user. Each mode takes into consideration the sport its measuring and offers relevant metrics such as average speed and maximum slope for skiing and swing tempo and speed for golf. In addition to that, there’s also automatic workout detection as well as over 10 pre-installed running courses.

As for health tracking, Huawei says they’ve significantly improvised the capabilities on this new model. The upgraded Huawei TruSeen 2.0+ monitoring technology utilizes the sapphire glass back in tandem with a 6-in-1 LED lens to provide accurate readings. Apart from the 24-hour heart tracking, the Watch GT 2 Pro also offers a resting heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, all-day stress monitor, and SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation monitoring.

The battery life of the Watch GT 2 Pro is estimated to last up to two weeks with physical use and can be charged with the included wireless charger. Additional features for the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro include GPS, Bluetooth calling, onboard speakers, and microphone support.

Huawei Watch Fit

For those looking to add a bit more style to their wearables, Huawei offers the Watch Fit. Coming in an array of fun colors, the Huawei Watch Fit offers both style and function to fully integrate itself into the user’s lifestyle. Also offering both smart and fitness features, the wearable aims to be a fitness companion to both beginning and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

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As mentioned earlier, this is Huawei’s first smart sports watch to feature a rectangular watch face. It houses a 1.640-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 456×280 and is paired with a 20mm silicone watch strap. There are over 130 watch face options available or users can also choose photos from their gallery to set as their watch face. Strap color options include Mint Green, Sakura Pink, Cantaloupe Orange, and Graphite Black.

In addition to being the first to have a rectangular watch face in the Huawei family, it’s also the first Huawei smartwatch to support animated personal training. There are 12 workout courses that include 44 posture demonstrations you can easily view on the large screen.

Furthermore, it offers 96 workout modes with advanced data tracking and 11 professional workout modes including running, walking, swimming, and more. Further reinforcing its position as a fitness companion, it offers another 85 workout modes which include fitness training, dancing, ball games, and more. There’s also automatic workout detection so users are sure that the watch is tracking their activity.

The Watch Fit offers TrueSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring that works quietly in the background and can also display resting heart rate alongside an infographic displaying the user’s heart rate throughout the day.

Health tracking continues on even during the night with Huawei TruSleep 2.0 that delivers sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep respiration quality, and big data analysis. Users will be able to see their sleep patterns with a detailed sleep analysis generated after they wake up. Additionally, the watch can detect six types of typical sleep problems and provide sleep improvement suggestions and personalized sleep services. Additional sensors offered include SpO2 monitoring, stress level monitoring, and even menstrual cycle management.

As for the battery, the Huawei Watch Fit offers 10 days of typical usage with heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking enabled. Enabling TruSleep shortens the lifespan to 7 days. Huawei says that 5 minutes of charging can provide power for a whole day of typical usage.