H&R Block makes it crazy easy to switch from TurboTax

H&R Block has also integrated an AI assistant for help with your taxes

H&R Block direct import tool
H&R Block direct import tool

H&R Block is rolling out a game-changing feature called Direct Import, strategically designed for individuals who want to switch over from TurboTax.

Now, here’s the deal for those looking to switch from TurboTax to H&R Block DIY: Direct Import aims to make the process of switching from TurboTax to H&R Block DIY seamless. No more manual data shuffling or headaches. Direct Import pulls the user’s tax return data for the prior year directly from TurboTax, neatly integrating it into H&R Block DIY, and eliminating the switching costs of having to move their data manually.

H&R Block has broken down how Direct Import pulls in user data. All the tax filer needs to do is punch in the phone number associated with their TurboTax account, and H&R Block’s integration will automatically import up to 150 data fields from TurboTax.

But why should you care? Well, it’s all about giving you the power to decide where you file your taxes. H&R Block says it believes in empowerment, and it claims that its offer of a faster, easier, and more reliable way to file taxes made more than 5 million customers switch over to its service in 2023.

H&R Block is confident that the surge in their service’s popularity is not just hype. They attribute it to their unwavering commitment to 100% accuracy, maximum refund guarantees, and upfront, transparent pricing.

H&R Block Direct Import Availability

Direct Import is currently available on all H&R Block plans (paid and free) at no extra cost.

However, users on any of H&R Block’s paid plans will have access to support from an AI tax assistant powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI that utilizes GenAI to provide real-time, reliable tax filing assistance. And if you’re still scratching your head over a tax-related issue, a paid plan also grants you access to live expert help at no extra charge.

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