How to watch the Eurovision finals in the U.S.

Everything you need to know about Eurovision 2024

Eurovision 2024 title card - how to watch Eurovision finals in the U.S.

While the United States doesn’t compete in Eurovision, American fans can still celebrate the music extravaganza by tuning into the excitement from home. The final round of the song contest is upon us, and if you’re one of those who are wondering how to catch all the action live, from the comfort of your couch, then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading below to learn more about the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest and how U.S. fans can watch it.

What is Eurovision?

Eurovision, also known as the Eurovision Song Contest, is an annual international song competition organized by the European Broadcasting Union.

Singers or groups representing countries, typically chosen through national selection processes, compete with original songs. Performances are live and televised across participating countries, making it a massive viewing event. While rooted in popular music, entries span various genres, from ballads to pop to electronic dance music.

Established in 1956, it’s the longest-running international televised music competition. Although European in origin, it attracts viewers worldwide, including the U.S.

When is Eurovision 2024?

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest takes place in May 2024 in Malmö, Sweden. Sweden won the 2023 contest with the song Tattoo by Loreen, securing them hosting rights for 2024. Malmö was chosen following a strong city bid process that examined facilities at the venue; the ability to accommodate thousands of visiting delegations, crew, fans and journalists; infrastructure; and other criteria.

For this year, 37 different countries from Europe and beyond are participating. The competition is organized into two semi-finals, during which the initial 37 acts will be narrowed down to 26. The semi-finals will then be followed by a grand final, where the winner of Eurovision 2024 will be announced.

The first semi-final took place on Tuesday, May 7, while the second semi-final will happen on Thursday, May 9. The grand final, on the other hand, is scheduled on Saturday, May 11.

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How to watch the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest finals in the U.S.

The 2024 Eurovision finals stream live on Peacock. The first semi-final streamed live on the platform last Tuesday, while the second semi-final will stream live on Thursday, May 9, at 3 p.m. ET.

The grand final will be available for live streaming on Peacock on Saturday, May 11, starting at 3 p.m. ET as well.

How is the Eurovision winner decided?

The winner of Eurovision is decided through a two-part voting system that combines the opinions of both professional juries and the general public:

Jury Vote: Each participating country assembles a jury of five music industry professionals who rank all the competing entries (usually from 1 to all entries). Points are awarded based on this ranking, with the highest-ranked song receiving 12 points, the second-highest receiving 10 points, and so on, down to 1 point for the sixth-ranked song.

Public Vote: Viewers in each country can cast their votes for their favorite songs (usually by phone, SMS, or the official app). They cannot vote for their own country’s entry. Points are then awarded based on the popularity, with the most votes receiving 12 points, the second-most receiving 10 points, and so on.

In the finals, after all the performances, both sets of votes are revealed. The points from each country’s jury and public vote are added together, giving each song a final score. The song with the highest total score is declared the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest!

In case of a tie, the song with the most points from the public vote takes precedence. This system aims to balance the expertise of music professionals with the popularity of the songs among viewers, creating a dynamic and exciting competition.

Eurovision 2024 stage render
Eurovision 2024 stage render

Who are the past winners of Eurovision?

Eurovision has a long and illustrious history, with many countries taking home the trophy. Ireland and Sweden are tied for the most wins with seven victories each. Other frequent winners include France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, which have all won five times.

Who are the past Eurovision performers that became popular globally?

Eurovision has launched the careers of several performers who went on to achieve global fame. The two of the biggest success stories are the following:


ABBA is the undisputed champion of Eurovision global domination. The group’s 1974 victory with Waterloo catapulted them to international stardom. ABBA’s catchy melodies and energetic performances continue to be loved worldwide.

Domenico Modugn

Though his 1958 Eurovision entry Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu (better known as Volare) only came in third, it became a global smash hit.  His song transcended language barriers and continues to be covered by artists around the world.


Here are some other notable examples of Eurovision performers who achieved international recognition:

Olivia Newton-John: While already an established singer in Australia, her participation in Eurovision 1974 for the U.K. with Long Live Love helped boost her career internationally, paving the way for her future success in films like Grease.

Céline Dion: Though representing Switzerland, her powerful vocals and emotional performance of Ne partez pas sans mo” in 1988 captured hearts across Europe and beyond.  This win launched her career which eventually made her a global superstar.

Lordi: This Finnish hard rock band with their monster costumes and theatrical performance of Hard Rock Hallelujah in 2006 took the contest by surprise with their victory.  While their style wasn’t for everyone, they achieved international notoriety and a dedicated fan following.

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