Google’s Stadia aims to become the Netflix of gaming

The company plans to shake up the gaming industry by streaming games through YouTube

The big G is making its first full-fledged foray against the gaming industry by way of its new streaming platform called Stadia. Announced just yesterday (Mar 20th), if Stadia can live up to the hype, many believe the new service has the potential to wholly disrupt the entire industry as we know it.

Google says we can expect to see an official launch later this year.

Based on the company’s hour-long presentation, Stadia is designed to be the proverbial ‘Netflix of gaming’ that many others have tried and failed to create in recent years. Google, however, has the benefit of hoards of cash as well as the technical infrastructure and expertise to perhaps pull it off successfully.

If all goes according to plan, with Stadia players will be able to play any game on any modern device. In other words, you’ll be able to effortlessly switch from your PC; to your phone; to your tablet; to a console in real time, without missing a beat.

Perhaps more impressive, Google promises you won’t even need to download tons of apps as Stadia is mostly browser-based. The company says we’re just around the corner from an era where players can go from watching a video game trailer on Youtube to instantly playing the exact game at the click of a button.

For what it’s worth, many reviewers who’ve had tried beta releases on the platform have had high remarks for the technology. It will be interesting to see if Google can use its vast resources and technical prowess to beat Valve, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony at their own game.

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