Face Licker is a lollipop modeled after your own likeness 1

Face Licker is a lollipop modeled after your own likeness

You taste delicious.

How would would you feel if you arrived home and your entire family was sitting at the dining table, each one of them licking a life-size lollipop that was modeled on your actual face? Well guess what? That dystopian nightmare can now become a reality thanks to a new lollipop by Firebox called the Face Licker.

It’s the confectionary product that Hannibal Lecter himself would have wanted and it is arguably the creepiest thing to happen to candy since Willy Wonka tortured all those children in his chocolate factory.

Making the bespoke lollipop is surprisingly simple – all Firebox need is a photo and a short description (which is coincidentally what I’ll be giving police if anyone ever makes one of these from my face).

Face Licker custom lollipop
Face Licker custom lollipop

The lollipop comes in a “natural tutti-frutti” flavor and each one is made completely from scratch.

Firebox has stated that their sugarsmiths handcraft each Face Licker to look as much like the person it is based on as possible.

If you’ve always dreamed of eating someone’s face, but you are a vegan, then don’t worry because these lollipops are vegan friendly too. As Firebox says, the only ethical dilemma you are left with is “whether or not you feel comfortable repeatedly licking a life-size replica someone else’s head.”

Face Lickers are priced at around $56, which is actually a pretty cheap way to freak out your friends.

Shipping is to the UK, countries within the EU, and the USA at the moment.

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