John Deere’s ExactShot is going to save farmers lots of money

ExactShot allows farmers to cut their fertilizer use during planting by up to 60%

John Deere’s ExactShot technology for tractors is able to plant up to 6,600 seeds in as little as three seconds.

John Deere who has become one of the most biggest tech innovators in the agriculture space, has unveiled their new ExactShot technology to help farmers be more productive and make farming more sustainable and profitable.

John Deere’s ExactShot technology was first unveiled to the public at CES 2023 and we recently got to check it out for ourselves in Austin, Texas. The new tech is designed to solve the problem of increasing labor shortages and shorter growing time windows while also reducing over 93 million gallons of starter fertilizer used annually.

The company says that ExactShot will allow farmers to cut their fertilizer use during planting by up to 60%, by taking advantage of embedded sensors and robotics technologies.


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John Deere demonstrated to us how the ExactShot smart farming tech could be attached to tractors by farmers to optimize the planting process for precise and speedy planting.

In the demonstration, John Deere showed how the technology uses 54 56v modular electrified robots and sensors to detect seeds, execute accurate seed placement, and apply 0.2ML of starter fertilizer onto the seeds, which is a significant reduction compared to what farmers apply when they spray the entire row of seeds.

John Deere also says that farmers will be given control over the process to control the dosing parameters and use geospatial data to monitor the planting and fertilizer application process.

Per the demonstration, once the operator inputs the dosing parameter, the system automatically calculates system pressure, speed, and nozzle inputs to enable John Deere’s ExactShot to plant up to 6,600 seeds in as little as three seconds.

The margin for error is very slim when planting 2,200 seeds per second. John Deere says that the tech includes a real-time fault-detection feature, which prompts the operator when there is a malfunction, and system modularity, which allows operators to replace individual parts.

John Deere’s ExactShot: Why now?

John Deere says it is the goal in launching its new ExactShot technology is to help farmers to be more environmentally sustainable as they increase production to meet the needs of the growing global population while at the same time ensuring their farming operations remain profitable.

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