The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok

You’re about to understand why TikTok has been banned in over 50 countries.

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 16

TikTok is kind of the dark side of social media. While it must’ve originally been designed as a place to share wholesome short-form videos revolving around music, dance, comedy, and education, it now reeks of unoriginality, obscenity, stupidity, and just plain unintelligent herd mentality.

It’s kind of mindboggling to even grasp the concept of these insane challenges that go viral on the video platform. From the vampire fang challenge and corn cob challenge all the way to the WAP challenge and Coronavirus challenge, we are seriously starting to question if the majority of humanity is evolving backwards. Seriously, who would want to stare at videos of random people (some being children) twerking or licking airplane toilet seats for hours on end? It’s a degrading and dangerous way to live; not to mention a terrible example for future generations. After scientists find a cure for COVID-19, we think that they should find one for human stupidity next.

Get ready to cringe, because these are the 26 dumbest TikTok challenges that will make you wish they’d ban TikTok all over the world.

#1 The Coronavirus Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 17
Image From TikTok

Speaking of dumb and harmful, let’s start off with a challenge that is indisputably one of the stupidest of all stupid challenges. Courtesy of Tiktok user, Ava Louise, the #CoronavirusChallenge sent people into a toilet-bowl licking frenzy, and for what? Perhaps they wanted to prove that they were immune to the virus. Or could it be that they always wanted to savor the taste of a public toilet on their palates? Or maybe, just maybe, they are okay with selling their dignity and risking their health and the safety of others for a few thousand views and shares?

It’s worth noting that another TikTok user who walked in Ava Louise’s misled footsteps immediately got infected with Covid-19 after he licked a toilet seat on an airplane. Was it worth the views and followers?