The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok

You’re about to understand why TikTok has been banned in over 50 countries.

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 2

TikTok is kind of the dark side of social media. While it must’ve originally been designed as a place to share wholesome short-form videos revolving around music, dance, comedy, and education, it now reeks of unoriginality, obscenity, stupidity, and just plain unintelligent herd mentality.

It’s kind of mindboggling to even grasp the concept of these insane challenges that go viral on the video platform. From the vampire fang challenge and corn cob challenge all the way to the WAP challenge and Coronavirus challenge, we are seriously starting to question if the majority of humanity is evolving backwards. Seriously, who would want to stare at videos of random people (some being children) twerking or licking airplane toilet seats for hours on end? It’s a degrading and dangerous way to live; not to mention a terrible example for future generations. After scientists find a cure for COVID-19, we think that they should find one for human stupidity next.

Get ready to cringe, because these are the 26 dumbest TikTok challenges that will make you wish they’d ban TikTok all over the world.

#1 The Coronavirus Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 3
Image From TikTok

Speaking of dumb and harmful, let’s start off with a challenge that is indisputably one of the stupidest of all stupid challenges. Courtesy of Tiktok user, Ava Louise, the #CoronavirusChallenge sent people into a toilet-bowl licking frenzy, and for what? Perhaps they wanted to prove that they were immune to the virus. Or could it be that they always wanted to savor the taste of a public toilet on their palates? Or maybe, just maybe, they are okay with selling their dignity and risking their health and the safety of others for a few thousand views and shares?

It’s worth noting that another TikTok user who walked in Ava Louise’s misled footsteps immediately got infected with Covid-19 after he licked a toilet seat on an airplane. Was it worth the views and followers?

#2 Gorilla Glue Hairdo

 Gorilla Glue Hairdo

This girl ran out of her regular hairspray, so she thought that using Gorilla Glue as an alternative was a good idea. And you may have guessed it, it worked. It worked so well that her hair refused to move again, even after 15 washes. Oh, and since the showers didn’t solve the issue, she had to have it surgically removed. The procedure took 4 hours…

Words are not enough for us to express that no one should apply super glue onto their bodies or hair, unless they’re okay with being bald after that.

The only responsible thing about this video is that its creator, @im_d_ollady, did go back on TikTok to warn people not to replicate her super glue move. Luckily, nobody followed it, well, except for one person. Why, man, why?

#3 DIY Fangs

DIY Fangs

The self-inflicted super glue catastrophes continue with the fleet of morons who glued costume fangs onto their teeth for Halloween. #VampireFangs metastasized rapidly until it hit a whopping 9 million shares, depicting these TikTok users attempting to remove the fangs from their teeth.

Dentists were quick to take to the internet to warn people that putting glue in your mouth is poisonous, but you knew that already, right? Congratulations on your new teeth! They look newFANGLED, if you ask us.

#4 The Face Wax Challenge

Face Wax Challenge

We’re pretty used to people waxing their legs, arms, underarms, and eyebrows, but did you know that there are TikTok users who have their entire faces waxed?

After encapsulating a person’s entire face (including nostrils and eyelids) in gooey wax, they proceed to rip off the hardened mask in one go. We’re surprised that these people even had a face leftover after this traumatic challenge.

#5 Teeth Filing

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 4
Image From TikTok

The dental fiascos continue with these crazy people who thought it was a good idea to file their own teeth with – wait for it… a nail file. Instead of going to the dentist for an aesthetic treatment, many people followed suits and decided to pick up a nail file to “repair” their uneven teeth by themselves too. The results? Well, not so pretty. In fact, doing this could cause severe damage to your smile.

#6 Corn Cob Challenge

Corn on the cob challenge

Life hacks have been taking over the internet for years now. We have to admit that some of them are pretty helpful, while others are… how can we say this nicely? Um, stupid. One paragon of an example would be the #CornCobChallenge, which prompted people to attach a corn cob to a drill bit and spin away while they munched on it like a squirrel. Aside from this being the epitome of lazy (why can’t you just eat the corn like normal people do), it can be extremely hazardous too, as many Tiktokkers have chipped their teeth.

Take Jason Derulo, for example. He seems like a talented and smart individual, so we’re confused as to why he would partake in this challenge. (Siri, play “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” by Alvin and The Chipmunks).

#7 The WAP Challenge


Ew. The #WAPChallenge. Do we even need to explain why this TikTok challenge disgusts us so much? In case it isn’t already painstakingly obvious, the song WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is a 4-minute visual representation of everything that is wrong with society.

We have no problem with people who willingly want to exploit their skin, but just don’t air it on daytime television (Shoutout to radio and TV stations!). This brings us to our point: The WAP challenge went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms, with adults, teens, and even children imitating the dance moves from this indecent music video.

Again, we don’t have anything against freedom of expression with lyrics or music videos; just don’t have the audacity to call it music and do not air it on family-friendly channels.

#8 The Cereal Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 5

Some people want to choke on cereal and milk, and thanks to the #CerealChallenge, they could finally live out their ultimate dreams of becoming a human cereal bowl.

The challenge works by pouring milk and cereal into someone’s mouth and literally eating it with a spoon. While some may think it’s entertaining to see someone sprawled across a table while their mouth is being used as a breakfast vessel, it’s important to remember that this can also be a choking hazard. But, hey, it’s nothing that a trip to the ER can’t fix, right?

#9 Penny Challenge / Outlet Challenge

Penny Challenge

Ah, yes, the #OutletChallenge… the dangerous TikTok trend that raised a small generation of arsonists. By inserting a penny behind partially plugged chargers, people everywhere have damaged electrical systems and caused fires. This challenge is beyond irresponsible. During one instance, a student set a part of his school on fire, putting hundreds of lives in danger. We’re glad to report that nobody was injured and that the criminal was charged for his sociopathic actions.

#10 Skull Breaker Challenge

Skull Breaker Challenge

Like many other dangerous TikTok challenges, The #SkullBreakerChallenge has inflicted countless injuries and even a few deaths. The mindless stunt works with three people jumping up and down repeatedly, with the outer two tripping the middle one in order for him/her to fall back onto their backs, hitting their heads in the process. News sites in February reported that two teenagers passed away after taking part in this challenge, and others are being sued in court.

#11 Pee Your Pants Challenge


Peeing your pants is something that you left behind in your early childhood years, but from the looks of the #PeeYourPantsChallenge that raked in over 3 million views, some people have taken it with them into adulthood.

If these people have a problem with bladder control, there’s therapy for that. No need to advertise their lack of urine control online, because some people on the internet have class. Disgusting clout-chasing has reached new heights.

#12 Benadryl Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 6
Image From

Benadryl is meant to cure allergies and soothe inflammation, but some TikTok users thought it was cool to take so much Benadryl to the point of hallucination. This mindless fad has even led to the death of a 15-year-old girl in Oklahoma. Along with other near-death reports, the #BenadrylChallenge prompted pharmaceutical companies to issue warnings regarding the overdose of these antihistamines.

Benadryl Challenge Side Effects: Seizures, heart problems, death. You still stan it, bruh?

#13 Poop Challenge

Poop Challenge
Source: YouTube

Where there’s a #PeeYourPantsChallenge, there is a #PoopChallenge (apologies to anyone who’s eating right now). This gross trend involves people smearing brown gunk onto their kids or younger relatives after asking for a roll of toilet paper.

In some instances, they use Nutella, but we’re sad to inform you that others use actual poop. (Insert vomit emoji). These people should join forces to write a book called “How To Scar Your Child For Life”.

#14 The BlackOut Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 7
Image From TikTok

As the name suggests, this next airhead trend prompts the herd of human sheep to willingly choke themselves until they pass out. We aren’t sure who is sicker in such situations: the person who started the challenge, the people joining the challenge, the people watching the challenge, or the platform that allows this kind of content to be posted.

The #BlackOutChallenge left several people brain dead and killed a 10-year-old girl in Italy, who strangled herself with a belt. Yes, asphyxia is a thing, and it’s very real. These tragedies need to be taken seriously and proper action needs to be taken. Where’s the accountability?

#15 Autism Challenge

Autism challenge

The #AutismChallenge was originally created to raise awareness about the disorder, and it was one of those rare TikTok trends that actually made sense. However, a flock of blockheads just had to corrupt the challenge by turning it into utter mockery. Uploading videos of shaking, thrashing, and deforming their facial expressions, these people showed severe disrespect and a lack of regard for humanity.

Someone should start the #AutismChallenge again, but this time as an apology.

#16 Everclear Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 8
Image From Broadway Liquor

One of the possible symptoms of COVID-19 is the loss of sense of smell and taste. so, in order to mock this, some “geniuses” on TikTok downed some Everclear to see if they could taste it. So, if they could taste it, they probably don’t have COVID-19, but you know what they do have? Stage 4 Stupidity.

Everclear is an American spirit with notoriously high alcohol content. This drink has been banned in several US states, as it could cause alcohol poisoning that potentially leads to fatal brain damage.

The real question is: Are these TikTok users immune to the brain damage risks, since there was clearly already something wrong with their brains the moment they took on this challenge?

#17 Self Beauty Mark Removal

Mole removal

Dear people who jumped into the TikTok challenge cesspool: If you aren’t a dermatologist, then why the heck are you removing your own moles and beauty marks?!

Some TikTok users applied dangerous chemicals onto their skin just to get rid of beauty marks that they didn’t want. It goes without saying that many of these people suffered extensive injuries that did severe damage to their health. We understand that quarantine can impact anyone’s mental health in a negative way, but why on Earth do you need to take it out on your moles?

#18 Salt and Ice Challenge

Salt and Ice Challenge
Source: YouTube

What is it about self-inflicted pain that attracts TikTok users so much? Let’s throw in the fact that it’s basically the same challenge just performed by different people over and over again until your feed stinks of unoriginality. Is it because something only becomes lit if everyone else does it? Or is it because you’re too scared to do something that’s original?

The #SaltAndIceChallenge encouraged people to apply salt and ice cubes onto their skin and compete to see who would last the longest. What would the winner get? Oh, you know the grand prize of frostbite, blisters, and chemical burns. #Jackpot

#19 The Fire Challenge

Fire challenge

If ice was the star of the previous TikTok challenge we mentioned in this list, then, of course, we need to give a shoutout to fire next, right?

The #FireChallenge had people pouring rubbing alcohol or other flammable liquids onto parts of their bodies and setting it on fire. The internet was simply crawling with teens and millennials who had a good laugh committing arson onto their bodies. We wonder if they also laughed when they suffered from third-degree burns afterwards…

#20 The Cinnamon Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 9
Image From Unsplash, Mae Mu

Eating one cinnamon stick for the #CinnamonChallenge sounds pretty whole and harmless until you discover that the human body cannot produce enough saliva to chomp down that much cinnamon. As a result, most of it would end up in the challengee’s lungs and likely cause scarring.

So, no, that isn’t a cute challenge for the autumn season. It’s more like a challenge to get a lung treatment in the emergency room.

#21 The Ghost Pepper Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok
Image From Unsplash, Katherine Lenhart

Ghost peppers, also commonly referred to as Bhut Jolokia, are hybrid peppers that are cultivated in Northeast India. Being a spicy combo of Capsicum Chinense and Capsicum Frutescnes, these fiery peppers are hot enough to rupture an esophagus or even kill a person. Even touching one could burn your skin.

With a Scoville score of 1,041,427 SHU, ghost peppers can only be consumed in minuscule amounts that are deemed safe, as they literally taste like fire. Those who participated in the #GhostPepperChallenge could probably tell us how many times they threw up or how many days they spent in the hospital after eating an entire ghost pepper. Oh, well, maybe they were tired of their old esophagus and wanted a new one…

#22 The Boiling Water Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 10
Image From Unsplash, Yosef Ariel

By now, you are already familiar with the lengths some people would go to just to gain likes and followers. Joining the ranks of the dumbest TikTok challenges in the world is the #BoilingWaterChallenge.

There are two versions of this trend from hell; the first one involves throwing boiling hot water on another person, and the other entails throwing it on yourself. Unlike the #IceBucketChallenge, this was not for a good cause. You know how this story ends.

#23 Silhouette Challenge

Silhouette Challenge
Silhouette Challenge

The #SilhouetteChallenge spread like wildfire in the summer of 2020, when women found it necessary to use a TikTok filter to flaunt a silhouette of their barely-clothes or naked figures. If you remember your TikTok feed looking like a strip club at some point last year, you can blame this challenge.

Luckily, this trend ended abruptly when creepy people found a way to remove the filter, which gave the opportunity to have a clear view of these women’s private parts. Well, that backfired.

#24 Kylie Lips

Kylie Lips

Some people like the Jenners and Kardashians, and others have better things to do, but that’s not the issue at hand here. There was a time when people wanted to imitate Kylie’s lips without getting lip fillers like she has. As a DIY solution, they held a medicine bottle or shot glass to their lips and suck out the air until their lips swelled.

It goes without saying that this is something that could cause bruising, pain, scarring, and irreparable damage. If you want dramatically plump lips so bad, just go get fillers… or get stung by a colony of bees. We’re kidding about the bees.

#25 Food Coloring Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 11
Image From Unsplash, Stephen Hume

Eating food color is okay, until it turns your urine, poop, skin, and hair blue; which is exactly what happened to a few TikTokkers who ate food coloring for days.

Ingesting high volumes of dyes could lead to increased hyperactivity and tumors too. So, if you ever thought of turning yourself into a smurf, don’t do it.

#26 Cha Cha Slide Challenge

The dumbest viral challenges on TikTok 12
Image From Unsplash, Bruchin Noeka

The Cha Cha Slide is a crowd-pleaser at birthdays, weddings, and other festivities, and it’s following this trend is all wholesome fun until some TikTok users decided to kick it up a notch by doing this dance while driving their cars.

Imagine people going off at their steering wheels to the instructions: “Slide to the left, slide to the right, criss-cross”. It’s extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. God forbid they injure anyone while participating in this dumb challenge. Then they’ll be doing the Cha Cha Slide from behind bars.

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