Dipper vaporizer review: Can this compact vape pen do it all?

Dipper vaporizer review

Bottom Line

The Dipper offers an attractive, compact design and it works well as a traditional vape pen, but it’s finicky when used as a nectar collector.



  • Attractive design and finish
  • Works well as a traditional vape pen
  • Quick charging
  • Solid battery life
  • Easy to clean


  • Very finicky and difficult to use as a nectar collector
  • Can get too hot to hold if used often
  • Metallic taste from wire coils

Wrapped in a delightful rose gold finish, the Dipper vaporizer from Dip Devices is a portable and hybrid “dual-use” device that functions as a nectar collector or a traditional vape pen for using concentrates while on the go. Promising amazing flavor and potency along with ease of use, will the Dipper vaporizer have you tossing your torch out once and for all?

The Dipper feels solid and sturdy when held and comfortably fits into our jean pockets. Thanks to the simple screw-on attachments, switching between the quartz atomizer and ceramic tip makes getting started quick and easy.

While using the Dipper as a traditional pen, the easy to load chamber of the quartz atomizer creates big potent clouds but with less of the flavor we got from the nectar collector tip, likely due to the internal wire coil. However, when using the air whip to connect the Dipper to our traditional rig, we found the flavor significantly improves. The plastic mouthpiece is comfortable and stays cool during use, something we appreciate, since there’s nothing worse than burnt lips while vaping. We also found that covering the airflow hole on the bottom of the vape acts as a carb cap to produce larger pulls.

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But what should have been a simple and fun way to enjoy concentrates directly from a jar ends up turning into a somewhat disappointing experience while using the Dipper as a nectar collector. After some trial and error, we found that holding the device at 90° works best for the heated coil inside the ceramic tip to vaporize our concentrate on contact. When used at a 45° angle, concentrate stuck to the exterior of the ceramic tip and was wasted.

Having to inhale extremely slow in order to prevent the tip from cooling down before dipping proved to be annoying as well. However, using the included loading tool to place our concentrate directly to the ceramic tip yielded better results. After trying to perfect our technique with a few uses, we had to let the device cool down a bit as it was getting uncomfortably hot to hold. Once we finally figured out how to handle the Dipper, we were able to get some tasty pulls.

When it comes to maintenance, using one of the included long cotton swabs made cleaning the vape’s airflow path super simple. The side mounted micro-usb port makes it quick and easy to charge while delivering decent lasting battery life.

Bottom line

While the Dipper works well as a traditional vape pen, we wish the same could be said for using it as a nectar collector but it’s too finicky at times. With a current price tag of $114.99, the Dipper is on the more expensive side than its nearest competitor, the Puffco Plus ($89.99) which is a true pocket rig. We are still on the fence when it comes to these types of “dual-use” devices. From prior experiences with other hybrid vapes, we’ve found that keeping things simple is usually the best bet.

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