Delta-8 products are coming to U.S. pharmacies

Lifted Made’s Delta-8 products are coming to independent pharmacies nationwide

Delta-8 products are coming to U.S. pharmacies 1

Hemp-derived Delta-8 products manufactured by Lifted Made will soon be available to thousands of pharmacies across the U.S. This news is significant, because until now, unlike CBD products, Delta-8 products haven’t been very accessible to most consumers.

Delta-8 is known for providing folks with a pleasant ‘buzz’ without making them feel ‘stoned’ or paranoid, the way traditional Cannabis does. Delta-8 can also help stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, helps calm stress, and eases aches and pains.

Until now, the marketplace for Delta-8 has been a little bit like the wild west, making it difficult to discern which brands are producing quality Delta-8 products. We tried Lifted Made’s Delta-8 concentrate, cartridge, and gummies and were impressed with their quality and the value you get with their reasonable pricing.

Earlier this month, Lifted Made signed an exclusive agreement with purchasing organization Girish GPO to distribute several of its hemp-derived CBD and Delta-8 products to independent pharmacies throughout the country. While cannabis remains federally illegal, hemp-derived CBD and Delta-8 products are legal nationwide.

Under the distribution deal, Girish GPO has agreed to distribute Lifted Made products to at least 500 independent pharmacies within three months, and to 2,500 independent pharmacies nationwide within six months.

Lifted Made CBD and Delta-8-THC products
Lifted Made CBD and Delta-8 products

Among the Lifted Made products available for distribution Delta-8 gummies, Delta-8 tinctures, Delta-8 cartridges, Delta-8 dabs, and a 510 compatible battery specifically designed for Delta-8 cartridges.

In a statement, Lifted Made CEO Nicholas S. Warrender said that Girish GPO’s huge national network of independent pharmacies is a “very significant new distribution channel” for Lifted Made as it allows Lifted Made to further diversify the types of retail outlets in which its products are sold.

Warrender added that Lifted Made’s sales this last quarter are “surging” and they are positive that their new deal with Girish GPO “will add further fuel to the fire!”

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