Omura Series X review
Omura Series X review

Omura Series X review: An excellent CBD vape for newbies

The Omura Series X provides a great introduction to those interested in vaping full spectrum CBD

Omura Series X review
Bottom Line
The beautifully designed Omura Series X provides a great introduction to those interested in vaping full-spectrum CBD hemp flower by keeping things simple with its pre-dosed Flowerstick pod system.
Beautiful modern and compact design
Delivers smooth flavorful vapor
Maintenance-free and simple to use
Biodegradable pre-dosed pod system
Uses premium full-spectrum hemp
Difficult to find Flowersticks available for sale locally
Lack of refillable sticks in order to use your own material

The team at Omura has designed their Series X to be the most simple way to vape premium full-spectrum CBD hemp flower by eliminating the need to grind and pack your material into the oven. Read on for our Omura Series X review.


In comparison to competing CBD hemp flower vapes, the Series X goes a step further by being completely maintenance-free since there is no need to clean it as all of the full spectrum herbs are held in place inside of the biodegradable paper Flowersticks. The pre-dosed sticks take all of the guesswork out of dosing so you can expect a consistent experience every session.

Omura Series X
Omura Series X


Decked out in a shimmering metallic finish and available in four different colors (gold, quartz, slate and jade), the Series X is an herbal pod system vaporizer that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. We appreciated how simple and quick it was to just drop a Flowerstick in the heating chamber and slowly inhale to enjoy the tasty vapor that left us feeling relaxed yet uplifted at the same time. The Omura Series X delivered a very pleasant vaping experience in a beautifully designed, compact, and convenient form factor. It also comes with a convenient charging base that displays the vape like a piece of modern art when not in use.

Omura Series X flowersticks
Omura Series X flowersticks

Vape performance

We found that the gradual heating system cooked the premium full-spectrum CBD Flowersticks to the perfect temperature and allowed us to really savor those tasty terpenes without any combustion, choking or coughing that we would normally get from smoking.

Another big concern with smoking is the smell but we were pleasantly surprised by how very little noticeable odor was produced by the vape, making it a great way to enjoy using without stinking up our living space. The Series X gave us a consistently clean experience and once we were finished with our three-minute session we were able to get back to our task at hand without missing a beat.

Omura Series X flowersticks
Omura Series X flowersticks

Flowersticks and refills

We appreciated that the environmentally friendly Flowersticks are made of biodegradable and compostable paper. Each stick comes loaded with a pre-dosed blend of premium full-spectrum CBD hemp flower from hand-selected cultivars that Omura has partnered with to deliver a consistent experience, session after session. Each pack of Flowersticks comes with 12 sticks and are available in various different strain options that range in price from $20 to $30. Some sticks even come blended with blue lotus, rose petals or lavender which delivered nice soothing effects that helped take the edge off after a long day.

We do wish that we could find the Flowersticks available locally but unfortunately, we could only find them for sale online. We were also disappointed to find out that we couldn’t purchase empty sticks that we could fill with our own herbal products.

Omura Series X review verdict

At a fairly low entry price point under $100, the Omura Series X is a great introduction to someone who is curious about vaping CBD or even for those more experienced users looking for a device without having to fuss with pre-grinding material and cleaning afterward.

However, if you are looking for a device that you can use with your own herbs we’d recommend checking out the Pax 3 which sells for $250 or the Crafty+ that goes for $279.

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