Pre-order the latest DAP GAP hoodie before it’s sold out again

Dapper Dan is a famous Harlem-based fashion designer and influencer

Dap GAP hoodie
Dapper Dan is a famous fashion designer and influencer who is based in Harlem.

Making fashionistas very happy, Dapper Dan and GAP are back for 2.0 of their collaboration. The fashion designer and style authority brand have just announced a second release of the highly sought-after DAP GAP hoodie. The new and improved DAP GAP hoodie is available for presale now.

Available in 4 new colors, this cozy closet staple features Dapper Dan and GAP’s iconic arch logo hoodie. The new shades available include black, rose pink, sky blue, and gold. Additionally, this hoodie is made of cotton and recycled poly, and comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL.

The second wave of the DAP GAP hoodie in all its colorful glory is priced at $98. Place your orders at and get ready to receive your brand new hoodies this summer.

Is the Dapper Dan Gap hoodie limited edition?

Yes, the DAP GAP hoodie is a limited edition. The original hoodie launched exclusively online on March 10th and sold out immediately. So, it’s best to secure your order now before they’re sold out once again.

Who is Dapper Dan?

Dapper Dan is a famous African American fashion designer, haberdasher, and influencer who is based in Harlem, New York.

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