Realme’s Coca-Cola smartphone is refreshing and sugar-free

It has a camera shutter that imitates the sound of opening a bottle of Coke

Coca-Cola smartphone

Realme has launched a limited edition realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola smartphone.

Realme is no stranger to co-branding. To that effect, this new partnership with Coca-Cola follows other co-branding efforts in the past, such as realme’s Naruto-branded GT Neo 3 smartphone, which attracted praise from Naruto fans who were impressed with the thoroughness of the implementation of the Naruto IP inside and outside the phone, and even on the packaging.

realme says this partnership with Coca-Cola is geared towards creating a device that will appeal to “youth”, but it remains to be seen if the limited-edition devices will end up being used by Coca-Cola fans or if they will be swooped up by collectors and destined to live in their boxes forever.

In any case, a cross-section of the Coca-Cola logo is highlighted on the rear of the device, which makes it easy to instantly recognize the Coca-Cola branding of the realme 10 pro. The company describes the design as “three points of black and seven points of red,” which, in simple terms, means 70% of the rear of the device is coated in red, while the remaining 30% sports the black color of the Coca-Cola brand. Asides from the colors, the rear of the device is made from brushed aluminum, which helps to prevent scratches and keep fingerprint stains off the phone.

Under the hood, the phone sports a 108MP dual-camera setup with a customized shutter sound that imitates the sound of opening a bottle of Coke.

UI features have also been customized. realme has redesigned the charging effect to include Coca-Cola’s bubble element, and the device also has a Coca-Cola ringtone and uses the sound of fizzy bubbles for notifications.

Coca-Cola smartphone edition UI
Even the UI on the Coca-Cola edition of the Realme 10 Pro 5G has been customized with Coca-Cola branding

realme has also implemented the Coke brand colors and assets on app icons into the UI, and it even redesigned some app icons entirely, such as the settings icon, which is now a Coke crown cork, and the App Market icon, which is now a cooler filled with cans of Coke.

In addition, realme has redesigned the realme 10 Pro 5G boxset. Photos released by realme show Coca-Cola branding on the box, a customized SIM card needle that features a silver Coke crown cork, a customized “realmeow” Coca-Cola figure, DIY stickers, and a branded limited number card.

Beyond the branding, there is no difference between the realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola Edition and regular realme 10 Pro 5G devices. Thus it’s no surprise that the device comes equipped with a Snapdragon 695 processor, 5000mAh battery, 33W SUPERVOOC charging, a 6.7-inch display with 120Hz screen refresh rate, and the same camera setup and device memory options.

realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola Edition availability

realme 10 pro 5g Coca-cola edition packaging

The realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola smartphone was launched in India at a starting price of Rs 20,999 (USD 254) for the 8GB+128GB version.

The smartphone is available on realme’s India website and Flipkart, where already sold out. realme has announced that the device will only be available in a few designated markets, and it’s unlikely that it will ever make its way to U.S. shores.

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