Chrisean Rock Net Worth 2023: How rich is the rapper?

How did ChriseanRock become a millionaire?

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock, also spelled as ChriseanRock, is an American singer, rapper, reality TV star, and social media influencer. Though she is best known for her relationship with rapper Blueface and her appearances in his music videos, Rock has also released several singles of her own, helping her make her own name in the entertainment industry. If you’re wondering how rich she is now, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will disclose her projected net worth in 2023 and give an insight into how she achieved such success at a young age.

What is Chrisean Rock net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Chrisean Rock’s net worth is estimated to be USD 2 million. She has amassed her wealth through a variety of sources, including her earnings from her reality TV career, music career, modeling career, and social media career.

It is believed that her social media career is her main source of income. Because of her huge following on different social networking platforms, she earns money through sponsorships, advertising, and merchandise sales.

A significant portion of her income comes from her music releases and live performances as a rapper. Her appearances in different reality TV shows also contribute to her overall wealth.

With a substantial social media following and a thriving music and reality TV career, Rock’s net worth is expected to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years.

Chrisean Rock social media accounts

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Chrisean Rock’s early life

Chrisean Rock’s real name is Chrisean Malone. She was born on March 14, 2000, in West Baltimore, Maryland, and was raised alongside her 11 siblings. Rock’s father was in prison for the majority of her childhood, while her mother struggled with drug addiction. This caused her to become homeless from age 9 to age 18.

Prior to entering the entertainment industry, Rock was an athlete. She started running track when she was around 10 or 11 years old and later had the opportunity to become a Division I athlete. Rock was a student-athlete at Santa Monica College in California. Although she eventually left college, she once said that attending college gave her a sense of independence and an escape from homelessness.

Chrisean Rock career

Chrisean Rock’s career in entertainment began when she appeared on the Fox TV show Ultimate Tag in 2020. Ultimate Tag is a physical obstacle course competition based on the classic playground game of tag. It is a hybrid of American Gladiators and parkour, with contestants running through various indoor obstacle courses while professional taggers attempt to catch them. Rock completed the course in 50 seconds and won the $10,000 grand prize.

Late that year, Rock appeared in the first season of Blue Girls Club, in which she lived in Blueface’s mansion to compete for his romantic interest against other women. Thanks to her exceptional personality, Rock became an instant favorite amongst viewers. and was ultimately selected as the winner of the competition series. As part of the grand prize, Rock was signed to Blueface’s record label, which signaled the beginning of her journey in the music industry.

Late in 2020, Rock dropped her debut single, Lonely, which is a collaboration with Blueface. Soon after, she released the song Vibe, which quickly earned millions of streams on Spotify.

ChriseanRock Ft Blueface - Lonely

Fast forward to June 2022, Rock joined the cast of the reality TV series Baddies. She has appeared on the Zeus series its sophomore run and guest starred on the audition specials.

Rock then starred alongside Blueface in their own spin-off series, titled Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love. The first season of the show premiered in December 2022 and was a ratings success. Season 2 of the series premiered on Zeus Network on July 12, 2023.

Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love
Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love poster

Chrisean Rock boyfriend

Chrisean Rock is currently not dating anyone publicly. She was previously in a relationship with rapper Blueface, but they broke up in 2023. The couple had a tumultuous relationship, and they were often involved in public altercations.

In 2022, Chrisean was arrested for stealing Blueface’s mother’s car. She was also accused of biting Blueface’s mother on the arm. As a result of these incidents, Blueface cut ties with Chrisean and filed a restraining order against her.

It is unclear whether Chrisean is currently dating anyone else. She has not made any public statements about her dating life since her breakup with Blueface.

Is Chrisean Rock pregnant?

Chrisean Rock showing off her baby bump
Chrisean Rock showing off her baby bump | Credit: Instagram/Chrisean Rock

As of August 2023, Chrisean Rock is pregnant. Rock announced her pregnancy on January 20, 2023. She said at the time that she was expecting a girl, and she planned to name her Royal Reign. It’s not clear what her due date is, but on August 19, 2023, she tweeted that her baby is “arriving soon … [just] days awayyyy”.

Who is the father of Chrisean Rock’s baby?

According to, Chrisean Rock shared on an IG Live in July 2023 that the father of her unborn child is Blueface. “Oh yeah, I got the DNA test, it’s his child,” Chrisean Rock said of Blueface on the said IG Live.

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