Celebs who own private jets

These celebs own luxurious private jets

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While most celebs fly first class whenever they travel, there are celebs who kick it up a notch by investing in their very own private jet; and it’s a splurge that’s totally worth it! Read on for a list of celebs who own private jets. And, please fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to take off!

#1 Dwayne Johnson

Celebs who own private jets 2
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We all deserve to treat ourselves, and if you’re one of The Rock’s Instagram followers, you already know that this talented actor regularly treats himself to a full-fledged cheat day or two. Sure, he works out religiously, but he also makes sure that his sweet tooth gets some attention too. But aside from treating himself in the cookie and ice cream department, the Jumanji actor also knows how to splurge on the more luxurious things in life; like his private jet!

Another fun fact about this actor is that he used to have 7 dollars in his pocket during his early days in the wrestling industry. Now, he’s worth around $220 million. Thanks to this factor, he named his production company Seven Bucks. What can we say? This king totally deserves a private jet!