Casio’s latest keyboard can sing for you

The Casio CTS100V comes with a built-in vocal synthesizer

Casio's latest keyboard can sing for you 2

Are you a music maker who just can’t seem to find a vocalist? Well, with Casio’s latest release, you’ll be able to create music, vocals included, all with one instrument. “If you can type it, the CT-S1000V can sing it.”

To that effect, with the company’s recently launched Casiotone CTS100V that’s built with a vocal synthesizer. Working together with the Lyric Creator app, users will be able to input words or text and the keyboard will be able to sing or speak these words through keystrokes.

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The device comes with 100 pre-programmed tones inspired by popular songs and can accommodate 50 more through the app. The keyboard also understands text in both Japanese and English.

Some vocalist types include talk boxes, processed choirs, vocoders, and even robot voices. Users will be able to tie up to create phrases or full lyrics or even just a word at a time if that’s what they need.

Casio's latest keyboard can sing for you 3

To support music makers, Casio also offers its AiX tone source that contains 800 high-resolution sounds across a number of instruments. The Casiotone CTS100V’s keys can be split or layered to give users flexibility in creating their masterpieces. There are 243 built-in rhythms and 50 extra slots that users can program.

Wireless sampling is also available through the included Bluetooth MIDI and audio adapter.
Users will also be able to store up to five performances — each allowed up to six tracks and up to 40,000 notes per song.

The Casio CT-S100V will retail for $679.99.

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