Call Of Duty: Mobile breaks records with 100 million downloads in its first week

The game has received more downloads at its launch than any other mobile game in history

Call Of Duty: Mobile breaks records with 100 million downloads in its first week 1

According to an analysis by Sensor Tower, an analytics firm, the Call of Duty: Mobile game reached 100 million downloads during its first week of sales, effectively outperforming all of its major competitors. For example, Mario Kart had 90 million downloads in its first week.

There are a few notable caveats, however. Fortnite’s mobile release was initially only available for iOS devices, which saw the game receive 22.5 million downloads. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, received 28 million downloads in its first week, despite the game’s release being staggered across regions. In contrast to this, Call of Duty: Mobile’s release was available across most platforms and devices, from day one. As a result, CoD Mobile had somewhat of a leg up compared to its rivals.

The only country that hasn’t seen the CoD mobile game released yet has been China, which could eventually have a significant impact on overall downloads. Despite all of this, CoD: Mobile’s first week of sales is quite impressive.

But the analysis from Sensor Tower didn’t just cover the number of downloads that the game received; instead, it also tracked the revenue the game generated during the first week. As per their report, Call of Duty: Mobile generated $17.7 million in revenue, with 53% of this coming from in-app purchases. The study also notes that the United States only accounted for close to 17% of downloads, although the U.S. did makeup 43.1% of in-app spending. In total, approximately 55.7% of the game’s downloads were on iOS devices.

Source: Reuters
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