Man bites into iPhone battery and almost doesn’t live to tell the tale

This is what happens when you bite into an iPhone battery

Man bites into iPhone battery and almost doesn't live to tell the tale 1

This guy went into a store to buy an iPhone battery, but decided to bite into it instead… we don’t know if he was charged with anything.

Bad jokes aside, this has to be one of the most ridiculous things to happen in an Apple store since they started selling phones with no earphone jack.

The footage was captured by CCTV in a Chinese store, where it shows a guy shopping for a replacement battery. He is seen looking at the product, then biting down before the inevitable happens.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident. Nonetheless, we still think this guy should be up for the Darwinian Award.

This isn’t the only story about iPhone batteries in the news at the moment; Apple has admitted that they slow down performance on the battery as it ages. They even announced that they will replace the battery of older phones at a reduced rate in their stores.

So we know many of you iPhone users will be out there shopping for replacements at the moment – we have one piece of advice for you: this isn’t how you test an iPhone battery.

Source: Newsweek
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