Beamo is a laser cutter and engraver that fits on your desk

Despite its small size, beamo comes packing industrial-level features

Beamo is a powerful and robust CO2 laser cutter and engraver that is packed with features normally found in industrial equipment, but beamo has bundled these features into a manageable size that fits on your desk. The wait is nearly over for beamo – it became available for pre-order this week. Taking on Glowforge and Dremel, beamo offers a serious competitive advantage.

The company behind beamo, FLUX, got their start back in 2014 with a very successful Kickstarter for the FLUX Delta 3D printer that shipped to 64 countries. The FLUX Delta 3D was shortly followed by the Beambox, and now the beamo. Starting this week, the beamo launches for pre-order for $799, at nearly half the price it will cost at retail.

Using the beamo is extraordinarily simple. Setup is supposed to take a mere 10 minutes and then with detailed tutorials, you have all the hand holding you could need to get through the already streamlined-for-ease process. Draw your image. Take a picture and upload it. Drag it to position and print. The HD camera that is built into beamo provides an augmented reality preview of the item you are engraving with your image overlayed on it.

Beamo uses a 30W laser that is thinner than a human hair and can engrave to a 0.05mm layer depth at 1000 DPI resolution. It’s Wi-fi connected with an easy to navigate interface and simple to use design tools that make it exceptionally unintimidating to even a novice.

It is also compatible with JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF files. If you want a more chill mobile approach, the BeamCam app provides a simple and direct experience to do all the basics like edit texts and vector files, modify bitmap images, align, distribute objects, and plenty more.

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Made to fit comfortably in a home office or even a classroom environment, beamo weighs less than 50lbs and is about 24 x 17 x 7 inches. That makes it a very portable option. It is also incredibly versatile for its size. Here are some of the materials you can use it on: wood, leather, cardboard, acrylic, fabric, stainless steel, anode metal, glass, cement, and more.

Another thing that makes the beamo a standout is that it offers modular capabilities like the add-on rotary printing option and autofocus, which allows it to adjust to the thickness of the material and cut deeper with multiple passes. You also have the option to use a semiconductor/diode in order to get better results with specific materials. Internal cooling acts as an efficient and reliable temperature control. It’s also worth noting that beamo is safe around kids as it has an autopause if the lid is lifted, as well as a one switch shut down if needed.