Apple launches its Self Service Repair store in the U.S.

iPhone customers can finally save money by performing iPhone repairs on their own

Apple officially launches its self service repair store
Apple officially launches its self service repair store

6 months after announcing the plans to launch its Self Service Repair store, Apple has finally made the DIY store available to the public. The Self Service store plans to offer over 200 parts and tools to customers to help repair their devices from the comfort of their homes.

What do we know about the new Apple Self Service Repair store?

Apple devices are expensive and having them repaired can cost a pretty penny too.

But you could save some of your hard-earned cash by opting to repair them yourself, provided you know your way around the tools and smartphone parts, of course.

If you don’t know what parts to get, the repair manuals made available to customers (online) can help you out.

Where are Apple’s Self Service Repair stores located?

Although the phone repair service has only been launched in the United States, for now, the company has plans of rolling out the service to other countries, starting in Europe later this year.

Currently, the store offers materials to help users initiate repairs on the iPhone 12, 13, and the third generation iPhone SE. According to the company, the store will soon offer manuals, parts, and tools to fix Mac computers with Apple silicon.

Parts will be priced to match those available at authorized repair stores. You can even get credit for returning replaced parts so that Apple can recycle them.

Tool rental kits are also available for $49 if you don’t want to buy your own. These ship for free that you can keep with you for a week.

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