Amazon’s New AR View Feature Lets You Preview Products in 3D Anywhere, Anytime

You don’t have to use your imagination anymore to see what that product will look like in your home

Amazon AR View
Image By: Amazon

Amazon on Wednesday rolled out a new augmented reality-enabled feature that lets customers visualize products in their living space — anywhere for that matter — using their smartphone camera.

Dubbed Amazon AR View, this new feature works with ‘thousands’ of products from various categories – including electronics, games, furniture, home décor, and more.

Amazon AR View
Photo Credit: Amazon

For now, you will need an iPhone 6S or newer to give Amazon AR View a try. While the company has not confirmed its availability on other platforms as of yet, it is likely to eventually make its way into Android devices at some point. The only bone of contention is when?

We believe that the Android versions of AR View might take some time to arrive considering that the feature is inherently dependent on Apple’s ARKit. This essentially means that Amazon will require switching frameworks to an ARKit equivalent such as ARCore to extend its availability to other platforms.

“Customers simply open the Amazon App, click on the camera icon and choose AR view. They can then select from thousands of items – from living room, bedroom, kitchen and home office products to electronics, toys and games, home décor and more,” the retail giant explained in a statement to the Press.

“Whether customers are buying a sofa or a kitchen appliance, they can overlay it onto their existing living space, move it and rotate it to get a full 360-degree peek in a live camera view to make sure it fits their style and aesthetic.”

Amazon’s entry into the AR space comes barely a couple of months after furniture retailer Ikea announced the launch of its homegrown Ikea Place app (powered by ARKit). Just like AR View, Ikea Place also superimposes its products on a view from the iOS device camera.

Other retailers to have made similar features available on their websites or app include Target and Wayfair.

Source: Amazon via TechCrunch
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