Amazfit’s HomeStudio is the Peloton alternative we’ve been waiting for

It also has an AI-powered camera that analyzes your posture

Amazfit's HomeStudio is the Peloton alternative we've been waiting for 3

Huami, the company behind the popular Amazfit smartwatches, announced at CES 2020 that they are teaming up with online fitness app Studio to turn up the heat on Peloton. Yup, the smartwatch maker is making a treadmill — and that’s just the beginning.

Amazfit's HomeStudio is the Peloton alternative we've been waiting for 4

Announced during Huami’s press conference at CES, the Amazfit HomeStudio is composed of a connected treadmill with a vertical 43-inch HD screen instead of the usual tiny treadmill monitor. And no, that screen isn’t for Netflix — it houses an AI-powered camera that can analyze form during exercise and provide suggestions on how to make it better. Just in case you don’t trust your new AI overlords (or at least want to stop them from judging you), the screen does come with a removable privacy cover.

The HomeStudio can be controlled by a smartphone through its mobile app, which is also where all those fitness stats and trends can be found. Huami smartwatches, as well as select third-party heart rate monitors, can also be paired for added health tracking features.

One of the premium features of HomeStudio is the ability to connect to Studio’s classes. Studio brings fitness classes home, working with trainers to produce thousands of instructional videos filmed in portrait mode — ideal for this vertical screen. Studio’s subscription is currently priced at $35 per month and offers over 1,000 classes across running, yoga, stretching, and strength training. The AI-powered camera will also be able to aid the user in these practices which, essentially, offers the user a personalized home fitness class.

Amazfit's HomeStudio is the Peloton alternative we've been waiting for 5

The connected treadmill that comes with HomeStudio is spacious at 20 inches wide and 53 inches long. It’s built with rubberized aluminum slats for a comfortable run and is capable of a max speed of 12.4 and 10 levels of incline, topping out at a 7-degree slope. The parallel bars aren’t just for stability when you’re running — during the presentation, they showed it was possible to use them for stretching or barre.

The treadmill is also equipped with three JBL speakers for audio, in case you really needed to bring home every aspect of your studio class. If that treadmill’s a bit too big, Amazfit will also have the AirRun, a smaller version of the treadmill.

No release date or pricing information yet, but you can already join the waitlist for the Amazfit HomeStudio on Studio’s official site.

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