Adidas releases Dragon Ball Z sneaker collection featuring Boo and Vegeta

The company plans to release the shoes on November 24th

It’s time for the third battle! Adidas is back with its fifth and sixth Dragon Ball Z-inspired sneakers since August, this time pitting Vegeta against Buu.

The Buu sneaker is designed around Adidas’ high-tech Kamanda silhouette. The upper feels more retro, boasting an ultra-soft, Buu-colored Nubuck leather, atop a sculpted gum-rubber bottom that offers a more modern vibe. In all, the design makes for a striking shoe, and paired with the bold Majin Buu colorway, it’s a must-have for sneakerheads and DBZ fans alike.

Vegeta’s shoe is based on Adidas’ throwback Ultra Tech design. Mirroring the character’s image, the strong blue, gold, and white colorway defiantly makes the shoe pop.

Both designs arrive in limited edition packaging and come with other DBZ-themed extras.

Adidas plans to release the shoes on November 24th. Buu’s sneaker is listed at $150, while Vegeta’s comes in at $160.