Everything we know about 3 Body Problem season 2

Is 3 Body Problem season 2 happening?

3 Body Problem

The sci-fi series 3 Body Problem made its streaming premiere on March 21, 2024, and if you are one of those who have already finished binge-watching the entire eight-episode first season of the show, then you are probably wondering whether a second season is in order. Continue reading below to find out everything we know about 3 Body Problem season 2 so far.

Will there be a season 2 of 3 Body Problem?

A second season of 3 Body Problem hasn’t been greenlit yet, but showrunners David Benioff (Game of Thrones), D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones), and Alexander Woo (True Blood) revealed in an interview with Collider that they are already planning season 2.

When asked by Collider Editor-in-Chief Steve Weintraub how quickly they would be able to get to work on season 2 if the show was renewed, Woo gave a surprising answer: “We’re doing it now”.

Weiss added: “For season 2, we’ve got better than a rough idea. We’re much farther along with that plan than rough idea stages. From there on out it becomes, you know, the farther away things get the hazier your view of them is. But there, in the third book, there’s so many amazing landmarks, in terms of scenes and situations and events that we can see pretty clearly, that we know, we’re not completely sure how our characters are gonna get to that place, but we know they gotta get to that place. Because that place and that place and that place are the reason we pick these books up and wanted to adapt them in the first place.”

What book is 3 Body Problem based on?

3 Body Problem is based on the novel trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past by Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin. Published in 2006, the first book in the series is called The Three-Body Problem. It is then followed by the second book The Dark Forest and the third book Death’s End, which were released in 2008 and 2010, respectively. The book series, which is often referred to as The Three-Body Problem, or simply as Three-Body,  details humanity’s discovery of and preparation for an alien invasion force from the planet called Trisolaris.

Remembrance of Earth's Past novel trilogy
Remembrance of Earth’s Past novel trilogy

What order should I read The Three-Body Problem book series?

If you’d like to read The Three-Body Problem series, you should definitely read them in publication order:

  1. The Three-Body Problem
  2. The Dark Forest
  3. Death’s End

This order follows the chronological unfolding of the story and the development of the characters. The first book sets the stage for the grand conflict with the Trisolaran civilization, while the subsequent books explore the consequences and humanity’s struggle for survival. Reading them in order will ensure you experience the plot twists and reveals in the intended sequence for maximum impact.

Why is it called 3 Body Problem?

The title 3 Body Problem references a real scientific concept called the three-body problem.

In physics, the three-body problem deals with predicting the motion of three celestial bodies (planets, stars, suns) influenced by their gravity on each other. Unlike two bodies, where calculations are more manageable, three bodies introduce a chaotic element. Their gravitational pulls become complex and nearly impossible to predict precisely in the long term.

This scientific concept ties directly into the story’s plot. The Trisolaran civilization in the novel originates from a three-sun solar system, leading to a chaotic and unstable environment. This harsh reality is a major driving force behind their desperate search for a new home, which eventually leads them to Earth.

So, the title 3 Body Problem foreshadows the chaotic and unpredictable forces humanity will encounter upon contact with the Trisolarans.

Did they solve The Three-Body Problem?

In the novel trilogy,  the characters don’t achieve a general solution to the three-body problem in the mathematical sense. The chaotic nature of the Trisolaran solar system with its three suns remains a constant threat and source of instability for their civilization. As previously mentioned, the story actually uses the real-world difficulty of solving the three-body problem as a plot device. The unpredictable nature of their home system fuels the Trisolarans’ desperation for a new home, ultimately leading them to Earth.

In the real world, there isn’t a single, universal formula that predicts the motion of three celestial bodies under their mutual gravity forever. The system becomes chaotic, making long-term predictions highly complex. Scientists, however, can use various methods, including numerical simulations, to approximate the motion of three bodies for specific situations. This is useful for studying real-world systems like asteroids or planetary moons.

How many seasons of 3 Body Problem are there?

There is only one season of 3 Body Problem so far, but the show’s creators are hoping to create more seasons especially because the source material offers plenty of opportunities for continuing the story.

While the novel series only has three books, Benioff explained why they will probably need four seasons to finish their live-action adaptation. “The third book is massive. It’s twice as long, I think, as the other two book,” he said. “So maybe that’s one season, maybe it’s two. But, you know, I think we’d need at least three, maybe four seasons to tell the whole story,” he said.

Who dies in season one?

Season 1 of 3 Body Problem features several deaths, some more ambiguous than others. Here’s a breakdown:

Confirmed Deaths

  • Ye Zethai (flashback): Ye Wenjie’s father, beaten to death during the Cultural Revolution.
  • Various scientists: Throughout the season, we see reports of prominent scientists seemingly committing suicide, their eyes gouged out. These include Dr. Sadiq Mohammed and Dr. Vera Ye.
  • Unnamed woman (possible): Saul Durand’s (Jovan Adepo) one-night stand dies in a seemingly orchestrated car accident. While not explicitly shown, it’s heavily implied.

Uncertain Fate

  • Ye Wenjie: The season ends with Ye Wenjie (Rosalind Chao)  seemingly planning suicide, but she’s interrupted and presumably killed by a Trisolaran agent. We don’t see the actual act.

What will 3 Body Problem season 2 be about?

With humanity bracing for the San-Ti invasion after the events of season 1, season 2 will likely delve deeper into the Wallfacer program and its enigmatic delegates. The fate of the rocket carrying Wade’s (Liam Cunningham) cryogenically preserved brain, launched in a desperate attempt to reach Trisolaris, will also likely be revealed in the potential sophomore run of the series.

The cast of 3 Body Problem
The cast of 3 Body Problem

Who will return for 3 Body Problem season 2?

The show’s main cast members are expected to return for a potential season 2. Here are them:

  • Benedict Wong as Da Shi
  • Jess Hong as Jin Cheng
  • Jovan Adepo as Saul Durand
  • Eiza González as Augustina “Auggie” Salazar
  • John Bradley as Jack Rooney
  • Alex Sharp as Will Downing
  • Rosalind Chao as adult Ye Wenjie
    • Zine Tseng as teenage Ye Wenjie
  • Jonathan Pryce as Mike Evans
    • Ben Schnetzer as young Mike Evans
  • Liam Cunningham as Wade
  • Marlo Kelly as Tatiana
  • Sea Shimooka as Sophon
  • Saamer Usmani as Raj Varma
  • Eve Ridley as Ye Wenxue
  • Vedette Lim as Vera Yee

What is the release date for the potential season 2 of 3 Body Problem?

If 3 Body Problem gets a season 2, it will likely take a while before it premieres. Production cycles for such large-scale shows can take 18 months to 2 years or more. This means the earliest we might see a season 2 would be late 2025 or even 2026.

Is 3 Body Problem available on Netflix?

Yes, 3 Body Problem is streaming exclusively on Netflix. It is a Netflix original series.

3 Body Problem | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is Ball Lightning related to 3 Body Problem?

Ball Lightning is connected to 3 Body Problem in two ways, but they are not directly related stories:

  1. Author: Both 3 Body Problem and Ball Lightning are science fiction novels written by the Chinese author Cixin Liu. Ball Lightning was actually written before The Three-Body Problem, but published in English translation later.

  2. Thematic Link: Both novels explore the concept of humanity encountering strange and unexplained phenomena. 3 Body Problem deals with alien contact and a chaotic three-sun solar system, while Ball Lightning focuses on the scientific mystery of ball lightning. However, the stories themselves are independent.

Is Ball Lightning a prequel?

Although Cixin Liu wrote Ball Lightning before The Three-Body Problem, the former functions as a self-contained science fiction novel with its own plot and characters. It doesn’t directly set up the events or characters of The Three-Body Problem.

Is 3 Body Problem a movie?

No, 3 Body Problem is not a movie. As previously mentioned, it’s a television series currently available on Netflix.

However, there’s actually a Chinese film adaptation of the same name that was in production by 2015. For some reason, it was never released.

Who is the sci-fi series author Cixin Liu?

Cixin Liu is a prominent figure in science fiction literature, particularly known for his trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past, whose first book The Three-Body Problem gained international acclaim. Here’s a breakdown of his background and achievements:

  • Dual Identity: Cixin Liu is both a computer engineer and a science fiction writer. This unique blend of technical knowledge and literary imagination fuels his thought-provoking science fiction works.

  • Nationality: He is a Chinese author, born in 1963. He is considered one of the most influential science fiction writers in China* and has played a major role in bringing Chinese science fiction to a global audience.

  • Literary Accolades: Cixin Liu has garnered prestigious awards for his writing. Here are some highlights:

    • Nine-time winner of China’s Galaxy Award – This award recognizes excellence in Chinese science fiction.
    • 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel (for The Three-Body Problem) – The Hugo Award is a highly respected award in science fiction literature. Cixin Liu’s win marked a significant moment, as he was the first author from Asia to win the award for Best Novel.
    • 2017 Locus Award for Death’s End (the final book in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy) – The Locus Award is another prestigious award in science fiction.
  • Writing Style: Cixin Liu’s works are known for their grand scale, complex ideas, and intricate plots. He often delves into scientific concepts and philosophical questions, exploring humanity’s place in the vast universe.

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