You can wield Thor’s hammer in AR in Marvel Dimension of Heroes

Lenovo’s Mirage AR headset has a new game where you can play as Thor, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Black Panther or Doctor Strange

Lenovo Marvel Dimension of Heroes

We had our fun playing as a Jedi in Lenovo Mirage AR’s first game, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, but now it’s time to leave the lightsaber behind and head back to earth as superheroes with Marvel Dimension of Heroes.

Two years after the successful launch of their first game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Lenovo has teamed up with Marvel to give us another immersive AR experience featuring one of the world’s most beloved franchises. Marvel Dimension of Heroes is an augmented reality game that will let players harness the powers of either of 6 iconic Marvel superheroes, namely, Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Star-Lord. A whole new storyline was created exclusively for the game and will also include some infamous Marvel villains. And, being an augmented reality game, this will all happen in the comfort of one’s own living room, bedroom or anywhere with the available space to play.

The controllers for Marvel Dimension of Superheroes can also be used as a lightsaber for Jedi Challenges
The controllers for Marvel Dimension of Superheroes can also be used as a lightsaber for Jedi Challenges

Like its Star Wars predecessor, Marvel Dimension of Heroes will be exclusively available to the Lenovo Mirage AR. Included in the bundle will be the Mirage AR headset, a tracking beacon to help aid in spatial recognition and two new universal controllers. These controllers adapt to the game’s needs and can be used for everything from guns for Star-Lord to Thor’s hammer.

For those unfamiliar with the Mirage AR, this is Lenovo’s take on a smartphone-powered AR headset. It utilizes the bundled tracking beacon along with a smartphone’s sensors to superimpose virtual objects into an actual real-world space. A list of compatible phone models and system requirements is available on Lenovo’s official website and, while not extensive, covers a good ground of popular and familiar brands.

Marvel Dimension of Heroes
Marvel Dimension of Heroes

Lenovo’s Marvel Dimension of Heroes will be priced at $249.99 and will be available in the U.S. starting September 6th, on Amazon and Lenovo’s official sites. The Marvel Dimension of Heroes app will be free to download on the App Store and Google Play store as well as an updated version of the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app that will be compatible with the new universal controllers.

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