You can now print messages and photos onto your beer

Beer Ripples allows you to put personalized messages on drinks

They say you can’t drink away your worries, but now you can now write those worries on your beer and drink that instead.   

That’s thanks to a new product called Beer Ripples, which allows you to put personalized messages on drinks in less that a couple of seconds, and it works using 3D printing technology.

This is a few steps up from pints of Guinness with shamrocks in the foam; Beer Ripples allows you to write full names, messages and even put pictures on the top of drinks.

This is an ideal marketing tool for bars, restaurants, clubs, hospitality owners and brands to connect with customers in a new and creative way.

In the past, fancy drawings was something you may have saw on your morning coffee or latte, not your evening drink. However, Ripples CEO, Yoshi Meshulam, reckons that is all about to change.

He said in a statement:

“We are excited to unveil Beer Ripples and bring the same personalization to beers as we have over the past two years with coffee customers around the world. We have already served millions of Ripples with customers such as Hilton, Lavazza, Four Seasons, and restaurants and coffee shops around the world. Now, venues serving beer from pubs and clubs to hotels and sporting venues can take advantage of the opportunities for engagement, loyalty and emotional connection that RipplesTM provides.”

There’s no special training required to be able to used Beer Ripples and it can print anything from a few words, to fully realized personal pictures. There’s also a Beer Ripples app so that you can send photos over to be printed from your phone.

Beer Ripples

Beer Ripples is available now in the U.S. and Canada for $3,000 with an annual subscription fee of $1,500. It will be available globally soon.

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