You can now go swimming in Animal Crossing

The summer update brings new summer water activities and sea creatures

You can now go swimming in Animal Crossing 14

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally getting its first big update. The Nintendo Switch-exclusive game that has won the hearts of millions is bringing a bunch of fun summer activities to the game. The biggest addition being the introduction of swimming and diving.

When ACNH first came in March, it provided a lot of people that much-needed escape from the real world and the current pandemic. But up to this point in time, the only interaction players could have with the water surrounding their island was just through fishing. This latest update will allow players to dive right into the ocean and find new creatures as well.

The new creatures players find in the ocean will be able to be donated to Blathers to display in the museum. These include the likes of sea stars, anemone, eels, and more.

You can now go swimming in Animal Crossing 15

This update also brings back a special character, Pascal the otter, who AC veterans will instantly recognize. He will appear at random times on the island, much like the rest of Animal Crossing’s NPCs, and will give away special mermaid-themed DIY recipes and more in exchange for clams.

You can now go swimming in Animal Crossing 16

Interestingly enough, the trailer shows the lovable Gulliver who seems to be sporting a new pirate-themed look. Gulliver has been appearing since the game’s release but this new update seemingly brings something new, as hinted by his change of clothes.

You can now go swimming in Animal Crossing 17

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update will be a two-part series with the first wave releasing on July 3. Nintendo hints that the second update will come out in August but has not released any details on what it will bring.