Withings Body Smart is an affordable smart scale for newbies

Withings Body Smart will empower entry-level health enthusiasts

Withings Body Smart scale
The Withings Body Smart scale costs much less than Withings' other smart scales

Withings has launched the new Withings Body Smart scale, an affordable alternative to the other smart scales the company sells, such as the Withings Body Comp and Withings Body Scan, which are more expensive but have more advanced features.

From our observations, the company’s goal in launching the new affordable smart scale is to expand its user base by providing an entry-level smart scale to users who are interested in the value and health benefits a smart scale can provide but are not ready to cough up $199.95 for the Withings Body Comp or $399.95 for the Withings Body Scan.

Despite its low price, the new Withings Body Smart still has some of the advanced features of other smart scale lineups from Withings, such as Withings Precision Technology which uses multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and precision weight sensors to gather data on the users.

The Withings Body Smart scale conducts bioelectrical impedance analysis by sending electrical signals through the body and measuring how body tissue reacts to the current. The data obtained from the measurements form the foundation for further analysis of the user’s body health.

Once the data is obtained, it is analyzed by specialized algorithms to deliver insights on the user’s weight and body composition; heart rate, visceral fat, and metabolic age/rate measurements; and other guidance on the user’s health through the color screen on the device.

Users of the Withings Body Smart will have access to the Withings app on their mobile devices to store data obtained whenever they use the scale and monitor their health over time to spot improvements. Withings also says users will be provided with further insights through the app, such as step count, weather information, and detailed health advice to inspire them to change their habits.

The app will also provide features like the “Eyes Closed Mode”, a privacy feature that allows users to access their data exclusively through the app, and a Withings+ subscription service, which provides further analysis, insights, and guidance to users daily.

Withings Body Smart availability and pricing

The Withings Body Smart scale is now available on its official website for $99.95 in black or white color options.

Furthermore, Withings announced that it would be bringing new features to the Withings Body Smart scale in the future through software updates, such as a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) feature, which will calculate the number of calories the user’s body burns at rest to help the user understand their metabolic rate and allow users to calculate their metabolic age. This feature will be launched in May 2023.

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